Top Australia Beaches You Have to Visit

As if the Land of Down Under doesn’t have enough allure in its urban hotspots,

these seven top Australia beaches, found along its vivid and often wild coastline, make yet another bucket-list reason for all nature-lovers to hop on a first plane and prepare to be dazzled. From hidden nooks in the shade of trees to crowded stretches of sand spanning for miles on end, Australia has them all!

Whether you’re a surfer, a swimmer, or just a regular wanderlust-captivated traveler eager to soak in some sun and enjoy the laid-back lifestyle of Australia, this best beach vacations list will serve as an inspirational water list while making your own travel plans. These top Australia beaches are a dream-come-true for a whole range of water sports and don’t be surprised by the occasional foodie spot when you need to take a break from the waves.

7 Beaches in Australia

Classic Bondi: a pool AND a beach!

Bondi Beach, Source

 Bondi Beach, Sydney

Yes, it’s a cliché for a few excellent reasons, hence the need to put this world-renowned location on the list even though you might not be impressed at first. It’s a huge part of the best beaches in Sydney scene, and an iconic segment of its scenery, so every first-time visitor needs to feel this unique vibe in person – the people and the culture here are truly one of a kind.

Thanks to its prestigious location, there are many cool foodie spots for you to peruse, and of course, no first visit can go without a glimpse at the Bondi Icebergs, if not even a cup of coffee or brunch on the terrace.

top beaches in Australia

Rugged Mandalay

Mandalay Beach, Source

Mandalay Beach, WA

Due to the huge popularity of the East coast, this portion of the country is often underestimated for its incredible, untamed beauty, and equally breathtaking beaches. One of the most notable ones is precisely Mandalay Beach, south of Perth, which is as wild and rough as a beach can be. Remote, rarely (if ever) crowded, this vividly rugged sweep of sand is perfect for those of you who are eager to take a break from the hustle and bustle of a frantic city life.

top beaches in Australia

Perth’s Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach, Source

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island

One of the most picturesque spots in Australia, this not so little patch of crisp white sand is perfect for snorkeling, and its seven kilometers of pure paradise is no less impressive for photographers and selfie-lovers. Sailing and helicopter rides are perhaps two of the best ways to experience the entire area from a unique vantage point.

top beaches in Australia

Tasmania’s stunning Wineglass Bay

 Wineglass Bay, Source

Wineglass Bay, Tasmania

Located in the Freycinet National Park, this stunning stretch of sand is often overlooked simply because it’s in Tasmania, and few tourists, especially first-timers, venture into this rugged and remote region. It’s a versatile choice, so you can rock-climb, fish, hike, sail, or kayak in the area, and enjoy the serenity of intact nature.

This will also be a foodie paradise since you’ll have access to some of the local wines and seafood specialties no other part of the world can offer.


top beaches in Australia

Palm Beach: Sydney’s Favourite Beach

Palm Beach, Sydney, Source

Palm Beach, Sydney

When in Sydney, do what Sydneysiders do, and that’s get away from the hectic pace of the city center, and head straight for one of the favorite and best beaches in Sydney! You can even find Palm Beach accommodation to completely immerse yourself in the local life. It’s particularly wonderful during the humpback whales’ migration season, as you can do some whale-spotting in winter. While there, don’t miss out on the opportunity to hike all the way to the famous Barrenjoey Lighthouse on the north peak of the beach. There are others routes to walk in the area, and they will take you through a few nature reserves and let you meet and greet the local wildlife.

top beaches in Australia

Cossies Beach: best-kept secret of all Aussie beaches

Image 7 – Cocos Islands, Source

Cossies Beach, Cocos (Keeling) Islands

Voted the best beach of 2017 in Australia, Cossies beach is truly the best-kept secret of all Aussie beaches, nestled in the embrace of the Indian Ocean. Despite its remote hideout, the 4.5-hour flight from Perth is not a high price to pay for the most dedicated nature enthusiasts among you.

top beaches in Australia

The secluded Shelly Beach on the Nambucca Coast,

Shelly Beach, Nambucca, Source

Shelly Beach, Nambucca Coast, NSW

Specifying the location of this beach matters simply because there are about 50 other beaches of the same name, and this one stands out among them all. Secluded, and only well-known to a handful of locals, Shelly is a sight for sore eyes and a little slice of Eden for surfers as well as those who’d just like a few peaceful hours of sunbathing.


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