Perth to Melbourne – Australia Road Trip!

Depending on just how ambitious a traveler you are,

the trip from Perth to Melbourne can be an almost 4000km-long journey and filled with numerous stops in some of Australia’s most gorgeous regions. Is your car all set and ready to hit the road? Pack up and explore the untamed natural gems, the wildlife, the national parks and the streets of smaller Aussie cities, and you’ll fall in love with this incredible country once more.

Margaret River

The city, as well as the river itself, are iconic sights of southwestern Australia, and a must-see on your travel bucket list! Whether you’re looking for an ideal surfing location or a restful stroll through their famous wine regions, don’t miss out on the scenic beauty of this area while traveling towards Melbourne.

The Margaret River is filled with all sorts of activities, various accommodation, stunning beaches, and fine wineries, so you might be tempted to drop the trip and stick around until you explore every nook of this gorgeous area. Visit the Mammoth Cave in the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park, and enjoy the aviary life of the surrounding Karri and Marri forests.


A city usually overshadowed by the metropolises such as Sydney or Melbourne, Albany is a hidden jewel of Australia with numerous activities worth exploring on your road trip. You can have a curious history lesson with a visit to the old Convict Gaol Museum and learn about the difficult life in Albany from the period of 1852 and then visit the Princess Royal Fortress.

The spectacular view from the Torndirrup National Park will let you catch a glimpse of The Gap, a famous canyon where the ocean waves crash onto the magnificent rock formation created millions of years ago.


Next stop – the Shire of Esperance, otherwise known as the natural wonder of Western Australia to those who have had the chance to visit it, with its turquoise coastline, inquisitive kangaroos, and pristine wilderness, it will surely dazzle you into a few stops in and near the city.

Visit Cape Le Grand National Park and you’ll be able to dip your toes in the warm ocean at the Lucky Beach and add a special adventure by taking the Great Ocean Road. It’s 40 kilometres of breathtaking scenery, beaches and stops such as the Pink Lake, so make sure to have an extra tank of fuel in your trunk for these additional rides.


If you’ve never found the time to go whale-watching in your home town, then this visit to Ceduna is a perfect time to take a break at the Bunda Cliffs viewpoint. This place is ideal for a meditative rest and admiring the beauty of the Ocean and its versatile marine life.

Yet another opportunity for a sunset swim is the stunning Alexander beach. Although some Australian cities now have access to professional mobile mechanic services, make sure that your car is ready to get back on the road because you don’t want to be stuck on a highway in the middle of your eight-hour drive to Adelaide.


Planning your trip for February or March? Then you’ll have a chance to see the incredible Adelaide Fringe Festival, a blend of innovative, hilarious and artsy performances. Don’t miss out on the Port Lincoln swim with sea lions, or if you’re a daredevil at heart, there’s a perfect chance for a cage dive with a great white or three!

Take a stroll in the Botanic Gardens, admire the architecture of St. Peter’s Cathedral and if you’re a true foodie, don’t skip the Haigh’s Chocolate tour, it will be a spectacle for your taste buds.

Take the Great Ocean Road from Adelaide to Melbourne, and you’ll “Ooooo!” and “Aaaaaw!”, but the best advice you can take for this trip is to safely explore outside of the given scope and check the places you cannot see on the map – that’s where the best adventures await for the brave and the bold among you!

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