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Family Travel

Family Vacation: Activities Everyone Can Enjoy

here are some family vacation ideas with activities all members can enjoy!


Escape the Cold by Armchair Travelling to Nantucket and India

This month, I escaped this unusual cold polar vortex: first to a beach in the sunny south and then  all the way across the world, to see the two faces of India. Escape the cold in “The Beach House” Just the words “beach house” makes me think...

Budget Travel

Travel Budget: Bloggers’ Best Tips for Saving Money While Traveling

With a few small, creative and fun steps like ‘ynab’ or ‘you need a budget’ can assist in creating a budget spreadsheet so you can explore the world. Panning your dream vacation without spending a fortune might seem like a...


Old Sailors Superstitions: Never Start a Sea Voyage on a Friday.

Join us on a Star Clippers Royal Clipper cruise out of Bridgetown, Barbados, on a 7-day excursion to the Western Caribbean Sea. ‘Never Start a Sea Voyage on a Friday. It Will Have a Bad Ending’ An earring is said to give a sailor good eyesight,...


Discover the Many Charms of Guadeloupe

“Nous sommes en grève.” Thierry, our friendly guide, tries to soothe the first-morning bad news. ‘It took me twice as long to cross the bridge this morning as it normally does. We are going to have to change our itinerary.’ Bienvenue...