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Evian-les-Bains: The Ultimate Guide!

Here are Evian-les-Bains Best Restaurants, Hotels, Must-Sees and Must Visits! The car rounds a sharp corner and our driver, Laurence, pulls over and leaves the car running. ‘Usually, at this point, I stop and show you the beautiful view of the lake and...


A Worry-Free Getaway: Preparing Your Home for an Extended Trip

Are you preparing for a long trip overseas or a long job assignment that will require you to travel far from home? Planning a long-term journey is an exciting but laborious process that calls for close attention to detail and thorough planning. Getting your...


Across the Normandy Countryside to Vimy

We start our drive out of France, our longest stay in one country since Australia, by heading to Dieppe (pronounced, we learned last night, as “deep” in Kiwi) and onwards towards the beaches of Normandy and, ultimately Vimy. A city surrounded by high...


The Day Before All Souls

It is the day before All Souls Day, and it seems appropriate today that we join friends and family as they visit the graves of their loved ones, for we will visit a couple of the many WWI cemeteries that dot this part of the world and pay homage on this All...


Revolutionizing HR: The Latest Trends Reshaping the Travel and Hospitality Industry

The impact of the global pandemic, shifting consumer preferences, and technology improvements have all contributed to major changes in the hotel and tourism industries in recent years. In order to take advantage of these potential and difficulties, human...

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