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Hotel Review

A Luxe Afternoon Tea at the Four Seasons Paris

The Four Seasons Paris has us feeling completely spoiled. And luxurious. And, of course, steeped on all things Tea: high, low, afternoon or luxuriously, in between. Ahhh, the simple joys of a wonderful cup of tea, served in the sumptuous splendour of...

Paris Travel

Off the Tourist Path in Paris

Wander away from the ‘usual suspects’ and explore some of the more unusual things to do in Paris, ‘off the beaten path’! When you think about Paris, which followsummer does ALOT; you probably think about the Eiffel Tower, Bateaux...

Travel America

Driving to a Pure Michigan Thanksgiving

Our final road trip destination: American Thanksgiving in Saugatuck, MI and a taste of Pure Michigan in the Fall. We pack the car with some late November woollies, winter jackets, boots and lots of reading material and head west along the 401 to the...


Teaching Abroad: Travel With a Purpose

If you’re an adventurer at heart, you know that traveling is one of the best ways to make yourself happy. If you pair your desire to travel with a purpose with teaching abroad then you’re already getting an outline of a great, fulfilling career, but it’s not...


5 Amazing Places to Visit From Sydney to Canberra:

Instead of taking your regular three-hour drive via the M31 to reach Canberra from Sydney, why not spice up your Australia travel trip with some memorable stops along the way? Even such a short stretch of road in Australia hides multiple natural wonders worth...