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Explore and Experience the World Through Our Experiential Travel Eye!

Paris Travel

Off the Tourist Path in Paris

Wander away from the ‘usual suspects’ and explore some of the more unusual things to do in Paris, ‘off the beaten path’! When you think about Paris, which followsummer does ALOT; you probably think about the Eiffel Tower, Bateaux...

Budget Travel

Travel Budget: Bloggers’ Best Tips for Saving Money While Traveling

With a few small, creative and fun steps like ‘ynab’ or ‘you need a budget’ can assist in creating a budget spreadsheet so you can explore the world. Panning your dream vacation without spending a fortune might seem like a...

Travel America

Long Weekend in New Orleans

“Oh, that’s for lagniappe.”, Mark Twain said. Indeed, “a word worth travelling to New Orleans to get.” In New Orleans “speak.” the language often used by New Orleanians to give meaning and pronunciation to certain local words – the word lagniappe (pronounced...


Sunday in Paris Enroute to Fontainebleau.

Visit Fontainebleau with us: one of France’s largest royal residences and full of period furnishings. Sunday’s are a favourite day for me in Paris. The streets are quiet and calm, and no one seems to be in a hurry. Even the church bells are gently pealing on...


Sevilla: Discover a Beautiful City Full of Fan Palms, Cafés and Memorable Monuments.

Enjoy sun-drenched plazas and wafting flamenco music! Grab comfortable shoes and an “abanico” (fan), and explore one of Spain’s most memorable cities.  We enjoy the luxury of a four-star hotel for a change. Purists would have our heads on a...

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