An Easy-Going, Melbourne City Routine.

We have evolved a Melbourne routine.

We buy the newspaper at the 24/7 supermarket next door to the hotel, read the paper over breakfast in the hotel, then head out for the day. Today, despite predictions of rain and cool weather, when I go out to get the paper it is already hot.

A Rainy Gallery Day

After breakfast, we head to the National Gallery of Victoria, just outside the heart of downtown – with a stop for our tram, number 72, right at the front door. We go inside to find, behind a water wall, quite a beautiful glass-covered courtyard. The building was recently renovated, and it a very comfortable space, despite which it is visually exciting. There are a number exhibits available to us, and we quickly split up to do the gallery. I head off to peruse the textile/fashion section and discover a treasure trove of fabulous Parisian designer clothing – from Worth through Chanel (both Coco and Karl) and finishing with a Galliano 2003 couture dress and hat for the house of Dior that is the most eloquent statement of anti-fashion I’ve ever seen. I then move on to the European decorative arts section. Greg is quite content looking at the 17th and 18th Century painting galleries. The Gallery is well presented with some lovely public spaces and several cafes and restaurants on different levels, and we are quite impressed with the depth of the collection.

 Luna Park and St. Kilda Beach

The rain ends and out comes warm sunshine. We decide to head to St. Kilda Beach to have some lunch and check out the sights. St Kilda is a very popular grand old seaside suburb boasting an authentic carnival atmosphere right down to a small Coney Island style Luna Park. We grab some food, do some window shopping and bump into the young German couple who had been on our Bourassa wine tour in Adelaide. We nod our heads to them and continue our way. We had also run into another German couple from our Adelaide time at the Queen Victoria Market a few days earlier. “Everyone seems to be on the same schedule,” I mention to Greg.

We stroll a couple of kilometres along the boardwalk, have an ice cream and then head back to town in time for a late afternoon nap. Tough life, I know.

Threatening skies. More rain. A Melbourne routine.



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