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Discover Sydney: Your Ultimate Checklist for an Amazing Trip

If you want this year to be the year of amazing travel destinations, you have to put Sydney on the list. Sydney is one of those cities that beckons everyone as it has a lot to offer, from its natural beauty to urban sophistication. Sydney is more than a...


Wellness and Travel Industry Insights: Tips for Thriving in 2024

In a period where taking care of oneself and prosperity have become the dominant focal point, the well-being and travel industry has seen an exceptional flood in prevalence. Voyagers are progressively looking for encounters that give unwinding and advance...


The 9 Best Travel Experiences Around the World

The world we live in is so small, yet so vast at the same time. We don’t need more than a day or two to reach almost any destination on the planet, yet we rarely venture far beyond the boundaries of our own comfort zone. The reasons are many and, truth be...


Two Suitcases, a Camera Bag and a Laptop

It is hard to believe, even fathom, that 20 years ago John and I sold our Toronto  house, sold our car, left the big jobs behind and set out on a journey around the world, visiting 26 countries in 12 months … “eyes to the horizon, following the summer...


Top Drives on Australia’s Gold Coast.

  Australia’s Gold Coast has some of the most fantastic scenic routes in the world and is one of those destinations that you really have to have on your travel bucket list. “From beautiful wildlife to cultural heritage sites and stunning...

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