Long Haul Flights: Some Survival Tips

Is it just me, or sitting for ten or more hours crammed between airplane seats

among a crowd of equally cranky kids and grownups cannot possibly be the most incredible beginning to a holiday? I assume I’m not alone in this frustration and having witnessed many an eye-roll, impromptu temple massage, grunt, squeal and sigh on such a flight, I created my go-to list for making these types of long haul flights as bearable as possible. Some might say even awesome.

So, before you let a part of your soul die the next time you prep for such an arduous experience, how about employing some of these long haul flight tips and making your travels more comfortable and fun?

But before jumping on that long haul flight, consider purchasing some travel insurance:


Splurge for a Premium Experience

Unless you fly every week, you might be able to make your travels all the more humane and less of a hassle if you do spend a few extra bucks on a more suitable environment. The premium economy class includes more space for your lanky legs, better seats and more freedom to bring extra baggage if you need to do so for your long-haul flight.

Get Those Miles Working for You

Long Haul Flight Survival Tips

Long Haul Flight Survival Tips: Use the Perks!

Then again, frequent travelers have the perks of using the extra mileage – and if there’s a single flight that deserves the pampering, it’s the one that might last an entire day, helping you at least pack on those new miles in first-class style.

Steer Clear of Family Fights

Individual routes are predestined to include many families who will, of course, bring their little ones, and they will, in turn, wreak havoc on any attempt to sleep or rest. If at all possible, go with this pre-emptive attack on your lengthy flight, and skip those that are packed with kids.

Sleep Aids

Be wise with your meds. Some are known to put you in a state of a blissful coma as soon as you take off, while others have weird side-effects that might end up keeping you fully awake and alert for the duration of your flight, and then some. Try natural sleep remedies and aids, but always test them out before the actual flight to find which one works for you.

Long Haul Flight Survival Tips

Long Haul Flight Survival Tips Pack Your Zen!

Bring Your Zen With You

An extra bottle of water can make a massive difference between a ten-hour flight with a headache and one without. Pack your phone with some soothing tunes, bring your noise-canceling headphones (they truly are a godsend), and put your eye-mask on. Maybe even refresh yourself with a wet-wipe that smells like lavender, and you’ll doze off soon enough.

Create a Pre-Flight Ritual

What you do before you get on the plane can make or break the likelihood of your keeping your Hakuna Matata when the turbulence wakes up the infant choir. In the days before your flight, actively meditate, exercise, sleep well and eat well, and maybe even treat yourself to a relaxing massage.

Long Haul Flight Survival Tips

Long Haul Flight Survival Tips: Safety First!

Safety First

A belt-bag might not seem all that fashionable right now, but it’s practical, and it will give you a peace of mind for your lengthy sleeping sessions so that you don’t have to worry about someone rummaging through your unguarded carry-on luggage. You can keep your passport, money and other essentials in this bag under your clothes, so it’s safely tucked away.

Charged and Ready to Rumble

A shout-out to fellow avid readers!  Charge your Kindle (don’t forget the Airplane mode), your phone, all your digital gadgets, and pack them with good music, podcasts, great books, movies, and shows (a perfect opportunity to catch up with your Stranger Things addiction!) Finally, finish the latest album by Slash and the Conspirators and dig into your Harry Potter childhood kingdom.

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