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Travel Fashion Dos and Don’ts

Here are a few fundamental fashion dos and don’ts of a travel wardrobe that will make your next trip enjoyable and hassle-free

Are you getting ready for another long flight, and you’re unsure how to make your wardrobe work best for you? You’ve come to the right place. Forget about long security queues behind you and enduring putting up with an uncomfortable wardrobe. Check out the main travel fashion rules and make your every trip a breeze.

Do wear natural fabrics

The last thing you need is sweltering on the plane because your top isn’t breathable enough. All the potential travel anxiety will increase if you start feeling sweaty and stinky. Make yourself comfortable without sacrificing your stylishness by wearing natural fabrics such as cotton, viscose or linen. To conceal wrinkles on clothes (and we all know viscose wrinkles just by the look of it), wear patterns and prints that won’t give away how many hours you’ve spent on a flight.

Don’t wear metal jewellery

Going through security is one of the most tedious processes at the airport, and you don’t want to make it even longer by over-accessorizing. Remember to wear clothes that don’t require a belt. Make the process quicker by not having to take the belt off to go through a metal detector. Besides, if you go for chunky pieces, you won’t be able to have the comfortable flight that you most definitely need. Leave out any chunk or metal jewellery and accessories, and pack them in your luggage. Plastic, wood and other non-metal accessories are acceptable. 

Don’t forget comfortable footwear

Are you a high-heel addict and can’t help but wear them everywhere? While every woman looks posher when wearing heels, your feet will suffer if you don’t wear comfortable footwear. Feet tend to swell during travels because of the many hours you spend sitting down. That’s why you should make your feet comfy and rested, by wearing chic sneakers. Dress in loungewear and make your athleisure look the most fashionable one yet with a trendy hoodie, yoga pants and your favourite kicks. 

Do wear a handbag

While some jewellery is questionable, handbags are not. Feel free to add a little oomph to your travel outfit with a stylish cowhide handbag where you can keep all of your valuable belongings. Phone, passport, chargers, and money can stay in the handbag that you’ll always hold close. Trendy carry-on luggage plus a cowhide handbag will be enough to make you fashionable and travel-ready.

Do dress in oversized clothes

What happens if your flight is delayed and you have to lounge at the airport for hours? The first thing you think about is where you can lay back and wait for the flight. You can hardly kick back in jeans or tight dresses. That’s why the big DO of travel fashion is wearing oversized comfy clothes. A size larger hoodie, sweatpants, and sneakers will be your best friend. Some people like to pack their slippers to enhance the whole at-home feeling during long flights. Long, statement cardigans and coats are also excellent options as they will allow you to wrap yourself in them and feel warm until your flight is ready.

Don’t forget the weather

Are you travelling abroad to a different climate? Keep in mind where you’re going and dress accordingly. The last thing you need is a heatstroke when you land in the tropics dressed in chunky sweaters. Instead of focusing on thick clothes, consider layering up so that you can remove all the unnecessary layers once you land at a warmer destination. Leggings, a sleeveless top, and a zip-up hoodie will be a great combo to keep you comfy and allow you to adjust to the warmer weather in no time.

Final thoughts

Getting ready for your next travelling adventure? Don’t forget to choose the right outfit that will offer fashion, comfort and stylishness simultaneously. Remember, you don’t have to feel uptight to look fashionable. Even in oversized pieces, you can channel your fashionista in the best way.

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