Day One: Exploring Sydney, Australia



We get up and start walking in Sydney –

no plan, just wherever we end up. It is a beautiful, clear sunny day and we wander through Hyde Park, a glorious green space in the middle of Sydney, through what seems to be never-ending park, ending up at the famous Sydney Opera House. This site has been photographed so many times that we wanted to get a sense of the building from a different perspective. The similarities between the Opera House and and Gehrey’s Disney Hall in LA are striking. Lots of tourists today, including us. We have a quick lunch with the rest of the business types then stroll north, back through the heart of business Sydney.

Sydney is truly beautiful.

The waterfront puts Toronto to shame, as does the parkland. We wander and wander, but will be back in about 1 month, staying for 4 weeks, so we don’t try to do everything all at once. We will have plenty of time to get the lay of the land.

Thank you, Sydney, for a great day 1!

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