Dreaming of Nova Scotia with Three Books

With three books, my travel plans immediately changed and I find myself dreaming of driving to Nova Scotia, Canada, hanging out on its beaches, swimming in its waters and breathing in the fields of flowers that dot its landscapes.

And while any time in Nova Scotia may be beautiful, it’s more likely we’ll be able to travel again in summer, and Nova Scotia may need to be the destination.

Coastal Nova Scotia, a photographic tour ($34.95, Nimbus Publishing)

In this beautiful coffee table book, author and photographer Adam Cornick breaks the province into seven sections: Halifax, Nova Scotia, South Shore, Yarmouth and Acadian Shores, Fundy Shore, Northumberland Shore, Cape Breton and the Eastern Shore.

Originally from Bridport, England, Cornick said he and his wife chose Nova Scotia “because that’s where our fingers hit the map,” plus the province offered an opportunity for him to explore surfing and photography.

The book offers great information about the location he highlights, four points of interest that you shouldn’t miss and beautiful pictures of the locations he talks about.

The pictures are glorious, and I read this book from cover to cover in one sitting. I am particularly interested in the Northumberland Shore, which a friend recently moved to, and where due to Canada’s other provinces, it offers calmer and more protected waters. Because the water is often shallow as well, water temperatures can reach 25 C and higher. Sign me up, particularly Melmerby, with its “vast stretch of white sand, warm waters and a cover at the western end where boaters like to hang out.” Sigh.

A great tip from the author:

“The further you drive from Halifax, Nova Scotia, the more likely you are to find yourself entirely alone on the coast. I love the wild nature of this stretch of coastline and not knowing what I am going to find around the next headland. Sometimes you even end up with a pot of gold,”

Adam Cornick

like the rainbow, he captured that looks like it is coming straight from the ocean.

Another coffee table book, Nova Scotia at Night by Len Wagg ($29.95, Nimbus Publishing), shows the beauty of this province from its clear night skies where you see the Northern Lights, the Milky Way, the moon and even the International Space Station. We also see the natural beauty of Nova Scotia at night – the ocean, lighthouses and waterfalls – but also the communities that make up this pretty province, including fireworks over the Emera Oval and the Angus L. MacDonald Bridge In the regional municipality Halifax, Christmas lights in Sherbrooke and three churches on the waterfront of Mahone Bay, “a must-see spot along the province’s south shore.”

A few of my favourite photos are an inukshuk that greets the sunrise – which is so beautiful  – on the province’s eastern shore and the CERES container port at Fairview Cove in Halifax. Fascinating.

The final book, The Painted Province by Joy Snihur Wyatt Laking ($24.95, Pottersfield Press,, is a unique look at Nova Scotia through the artist’s eyes who uses a variety of mediums to showcase her home of almost 50 years.

In this landscape-shaped book with multiple art pieces, Laking breaks down Nova Scotia Canada in various locations and creates a map as to where she captured her moments. There is a minimum of four pieces of artwork on each double-page spread, with one of the pieces offering a GPS coordinates with the idea that you’ll keep this book in your glove box and when the mood strikes, you’ll follow the coordinates to discover the inspiration, perhaps play a bit of Spot the Differences with the kids.

What a neat idea.

The artist also tells the reader there is a The Painted Province, Nova Scotia Facebook page. People are encouraged to take a picture of a scene painting in the book and post it to the page or, conversely, if people have a favourite spot that hasn’t been featured, take a picture and post it with its GPS coordinates.

“It could prompt us all to visit and enjoy the beauty. As well, artists, including me, might be inspired to go and paint it.”

There is obviously no shortage of beauty to find in Nova Scotia, and I can’t wait to visit it again.

Nimbus Publishing provided copies of Coastal Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia at Night and The Painted Province
an honest review.
The opinions are my own.

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