The Perfect Girl’s Trip to Dubai: A Fun Girls-Only Vacation.

Dubai, with it’s a unique culture, luxurious beauty treatments, an active nightlife,

or even a wide variety of places and activities that are exclusive to women, has become one of the most popular destinations for a fun girls-only vacation. If you and your friends are looking for a relaxing pampering trip, a fun clubbing weekend, or you simply want to experience the best shopping in the world, Dubai is the perfect place for you and your girls. Here is a girl’s guide to some of the best things to do in Dubai, hopefully helping you discover this magical city and why it MUST be the destination for your next gal trip!

Start with a relaxing brunch with friends on your first day in Dubai

Dubai things to do in dubai

How about a relaxing Dubai brunch with friends?  source

No girls’ trip to Dubai can head off on a good start without nibbling on the most delicious food during a fancy brunch with your girlfriends. As this activity is increasingly gaining popularity, new and interesting spots keep popping up all over the city, so you’ll have no problem finding the perfect place for a relaxing brunch in Dubai.

If you’re looking for a more luxurious Dubai experience, it might be a good idea to visit the Al Qasr in the Madinat Jumeirah complex for a truly high-class brunch with incredible food options and an endless flow of champagne.

Share a traditional Dubai afternoon tea

Dubai things to do in dubai

a traditional afternoon tea in Dubai? Why not!  source

There’s nothing quite as girly and relaxing as sharing a wonderful afternoon tea with your best friends.  As most afternoon tea stands tend to serve during the high tea hours (between 2 and 6 pm) sharing a delicious cup of tea could be the ideal follow-up activity to an appetizing brunch. Whether you prefer a quintessentially British tea in combination with freshly-baked scones and a variety of jams, or even a traditional Arabic afternoon tea with a smooth crème brûlée, there’s something for every pallet.

Get a Dubai makeover with your favourite girls

Dubai things to do in dubai

Get a Dubai makeover with your favourite gal-pals!   

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Since Dubai is known for having some of the most professional and the most experienced beauty experts in the world, many women decide to visit this city solely for the purpose of investing in their health and their appearance.

If you and your girls want to get a beauty makeover as well, scheduling an appointment at the best aesthetic clinic in Dubai can be a wonderful girls’ activity.

From a simple rejuvenating facial to popular dermal fillers, and even effective body sculpting procedures, Dubai is the ideal destination for incredible beautifying treatments.

Experience the best shopping in the world in Dubai!

Dubai things to do in dubai

Experience the best shopping in the world in Dubai  source

Considering the fact that shopping is one of the most loved girls’ activities, Dubai can be the ideal place for such an excursion.

A lot of the shopping here tends to happen inside giant malls, with the Dubai Mall being the largest one in the world, and home to every high-street and luxury brand you can think of.

As Dubai is known for offering endless personalized services, it might also be a good idea to hire a personal shopper, who will help you discover the city’s hidden gems, from boutique shops to vintage delights and the possibility of shopping other Dubai Malls.

Go on an adventurous desert safari

Dubai things to do in dubai

How about an adventurous desert safari?  source

Whether you are the adventurous type who loves to experience new things, or you simply need some excitement during your trips, going on a desert safari with your friends is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you simply can’t miss. Most tours start with an exhilarating ride over towering sand dunes in 4×4 vehicles that are guaranteed to get your heart racing and are followed by the most picturesque view of the sunset you’ll ever get to see. Truly a unique and wonderful experience, and a dream come true for any nature-loving girl.

Let loose at a fun beach party

Dubai things to do in dubai

Let loose at a fun beach party!  source

If you and your girls love to party, then you’re in luck – beach clubbing is an incredibly popular activity in Dubai. Due to the buzzing nightlife, you won’t have any problems finding a great club to spend your nights in. However, the Nasimi Beach on The Palm offers the best party scene in the city, with luxurious nightclubs and world-class DJs that will help you dance the night away in nothing more than a bikini and a refreshing cocktail in hand.

From relaxing spas to incredible waterparks, and even unique indoor skiing activities, there are endless more things you can experience in Dubai. But no matter what you choose, there’s no denying you and your girlfriends will have the time of your life in this luxurious city filled with fun and adventure.

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