Home Décor Ideas For Travelers

If you need ideas on how to incorporate your wanderlust spirit into your home décor, here are a few perfect ideas for all travelers!

Even the most hardcore travelers can’t stay away from home forever. But what you can do to relive your adventures and show off your travel spirit constantly is include different travel décor pieces in your house interior design.

Home décor with globes

This is maybe the most basic and minimalist travel decoration you can include in your home, but it always works perfectly. A globe is a timeless addition to your home, and some even serve as subtle lamps for evening illumination. Plus, if you and your travel partners often debate about geography and your future travel destinations, a globe can settle many arguments. 

Add traditional seating

If you never seem to have enough seating for all your buddies, consider adding some traditional seating from all over the world. When compared to western seating, things like Moroccan poufs or pillows inspired by traditional Japanese seating take up much less space yet provide users with comfort and interest. If you have a game room or a den, colorful Arabic sofa is also a great idea that allows people to relax, stretch and feel comfy with your living room designs.

Boost comfort with rugs

One of the best ways to show your interest in other cultures is to display different tribal fabrics at home. For instance, you can incorporate a traditional Persian rug into your living room or study, or maybe hang a traditional wall décor of Berber tribes. Sure, rugs and other fabrics might be a bit more expensive and cumbersome to travel with, but if you have a way to pay for them and transport them home, they will be worth the investment

Green up the place

If you’re a lover of nature, rainforests and green fields you got to explore on your travels, then you must bring a touch of nature into your home. The easiest way to green up your place is with house plants, preferably from your favorite travel destination. And don’t worry, tropical plants can be found anywhere in the world. Even if you live in dry Australia, you can find fast and reliable plant delivery in Sydney and get your new green friends delivered to your home address. With plants, you can achieve that coveted tropical and fresh vibe we all want to enjoy in our homes. 

Celebrate travel through drinks

When you travel a lot, you might lose interest in bringing home any souvenirs but food and drink. Well, you can easily make an enviable collection of drinks from all over the world to display in your bar or bar cart. This is a great conversation starter with guests you’re not very familiar with—just offer them some authentic French wine, Scottish whiskey or traditional Green ouzo and let the conversation flow. 

Spice up your kitchen 

You don’t have to be a culinary freak to love international cuisines. If you have some unique spices, sauces and eating utensils you grabbed during your travels, make sure to make a little display in your kitchen to brighten up the space and spice things up (quite literally). This will not only remind you to experiment with your dishes more but also keep all the great trips fresh in your memory through tastes and smells. For instance, you can display your collection of hot sauces from around the world, hang your chopsticks from your Asian adventures and create a spice rack with your Middle eastern grabs. 

Create a photo gallery wall for your home décor

If you love to travel light and on a budget, you might be refraining from buying too many souvenirs during your travels. However, no matter how minimalist or frugal you are, you probably have a ton of photos from your trips. Use these memories to create a gallery wall with your best shots. Opt for different filters, frames and frame sizes to add interest to the wall and you’ll create a powerful focal point in your home that every visitor will stop to look at and ask questions about. 

These gorgeous travel-inspired home décor items will fit into any home and remind you of your adventures every day. Plus, there’s no better way to awaken interest in your visitors than with your fun collections! 

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