Summer Vacation Outfit Ideas for Men

With these summer vacation outfit ideas, you’ll have no problem being prepared for the holiday you deserve while looking stylish and feeling comfortable at the same time.

With summer finally upon us, many of you are surely thinking about taking a trip to relax and recharge. No matter if you’re exploring or spending time on the beach, you’ll certainly feel even better if you spend your vacation in style. In terms of travel fashion, the main objective is to look both stylish and comfortable. So, when preparing your closet for this year’s summer vacation, keep these summer vacation outfit ideas for men close at hand.

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Take it easy with the colour

Taking it easy with the colour can be considered as opting for one colour, choosing one tonal family, going completely monochrome, or going completely neutral. In order to seem more sophisticated, you should opt for solid and neutral outfits. By adhering to one colour or sticking with one colour family, your outfit is given a polished and lean look. Furthermore, by opting for certain tones, it’s easier to notice if hiccups or accidents happen while travelling. For instance, most people avoid wearing light colours since garments get dirty more easily. 

Pick tops with breathable and lightweight materials

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While on your summer vacation, you want to feel comfortable, which is why you need shirts made of breathable, lightweight materials. If you feel weighed down and heavy while traveling, it can cause travel fatigue. In fact, thick and heavy materials can not only lead to an increase in your discomfort but also to travel-related illnesses such as motion sickness. Opting for a terry cloth polo, you won’t make a mistake. Thanks to terry fabric, crafted from organic cotton, you’ll feel very comfortable. This ace-up-your-sleeve is perfect for summer days and provides you with an ideal blend of comfort and sophistication regardless of the occasion.

Opt for comfortable pants

There’s nothing worse than sitting in tight or itchy pants, and you surely wouldn’t wish to travel that way or go to the beach. Comfort is what you need when talking about your travel pants. That’s why you can’t make a mistake with flexible and relaxed jeans, joggers, or chinos. In case you’re not a big fan of jeans, switch them for pants such as khakis. When choosing your pants, don’t have in mind only the comfort but also design, fabrics, and color. Moreover, you can match them to your top or any additional layers you packed for during your travel. 

Pack stylish and functional footwear

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When you’re going to the beach, opt for classic slide sandals or strap sandals with vibrant colors. Another great idea would be to choose camping sandals made with thick leather straps and pair them with cargo pants or shorts. When going to the streets or while eating at a restaurant, you can wear anything from wingtip Oxfords to loafers. What would make a statement are driving shoes in colors such as pastel purple or navy. While shopping for stylish footwear, you should search for some made with genuine leather or canvas. By wearing these materials, you’ll protect your feet against moisture. Also, your feet will stay cool and tend to feel flexible, even during tiring activities like sightseeing.

Choose eye-catching swimwear

One garment that adds fun to a classic vacation wardrobe is swimwear. Even if you opt for a more traditional look while taking a walk by the beach, your swimming trunks can be more eye-catching and flashy than your other clothes. One trendy swimwear idea is the one that involves eco-friendly polyester trunks with mini seasonal prints and jewel-toned colors. Styles that are popular this season are patchwork and checkered prints, particularly in a shorter length. You can either opt for bright colors like peach-pink or lime green, or colors like black and grey for a more classic look. You can accessorize your swimwear with matching shirts and hats in neutral colors together with black wayfarer sunglasses or aviators. 

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