Spend a Gap Year: Travel and Study!

Here are five reasons you should definitely take the leap and enjoy a gap year travel.

Taking a gap year of travel doesn’t mean procrastinating on your studies –

quite the contrary. Here are five reasons why you should definitely take the leap and enjoy a gap year travel.

A Gap Year Away will Definitely Impress Colleges

You would think that taking time off from studying isn’t something that a university would encourage, but you’d be wrong! We have reached a day and age where colleges support students that wish to take a gap year. They are aware that during this time you will get to build an impressive life resume and gain some real-world experience you wouldn’t be able to find on campus.

If it’s done right, this year could provide you with skills and training that potential future employers are looking for.

You could learn independence, organization, time management, and, most importantly, cultural awareness and how to get along with people no matter where they are from.

It’s a Great Party Trick

A gap year presents a certain gamble, but that is part of the fun because what is life without a gamble? You obviously have to be careful when you travel, but with a little common sense, there won’t be a moment of this adventure you’ll regret. After an adventure, the hero usually comes home to tell all their stories. These stories will forever be there to serve you as brilliant conversation starters regardless of where you are – a family gathering, a job interview, or a date. Travel stories are the perfect party trick that will impress almost anyone.

You Will Learn to Speak Like a Native

You can take this opportunity to learn a new language or perfect the one you already “kind of” speak, depending on where you are traveling to and what your country of origin is. For instance, a lot of American students tend to visit Asia or Europe, whereas Europeans might opt for Australia or Canada where they could take on some English classes with SCE College or another reputable institution. If native speakers surround you, it is much easier to learn new vocabulary and how to apply it – not to mention how to pronounce it properly! Being immersed in a foreign language all day long, you can pick it up much faster than those sitting in a classroom back home.

You Will Meet People from All Walks of Life

When you travel, you meet people you otherwise wouldn’t. When you travel to a place where you intend on staying for a year, you get to know these people even better. You will be homesick for a while, as we all are, but then you will find a new world out there. You never know which part of the globe is hiding a friend for life! A gap year will broaden your horizons and allow you to find friends and inspiration in these new cultures and customs.

You Will Make a Difference

You may already know what you want to do in life after your gap year, and you may not. What is almost certain, though, is that this year could help you get a better idea of what truly matters to you so that you might make a career of it one day. If you volunteer, you will get to connect with the locals and learn about the world’s different political and financial situations. Who knows…You may start out wanting to pursue languages but end up studying to become a human rights lawyer if you witness enough injustice that you passionately want to set right.

A gap year has pros and cons, but the hardships you’ll face will teach you how to deal with life, so they, too, are a good thing. Whatever you choose to do (whether that is to volunteer, learn a new language or see where life takes you), you’re sure to return a more evolved and grown-up person than you were when you left – and that is the biggest reason to go for it!

Leila Dorari is an entrepreneur and freelance writer from Sydney. She is passionate about exploring different places across the globe and believes that first, you need to get lost before you can get found. You can usually find her hiking with her furry four-legged friend in her free time. Make sure to follow her on twitter! 

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  • Emirellicompany

    Traveling will invigorate you. Thanks for your article on this.

    • Gregory George

      Have you ever taken a year from school and travelled? It does indeed invigorate you!

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