Best Places to Visit in Australia This January

Pack your bags and experience some of the best Australia attractions this January!

January 1, 2023 has come and gone,

time you started packing your bags, doing some travel dreaming  and embarking on a new adventure for 2023? No matter if you live in Australia or you’re a globetrotter who wants to visit it, this country is undoubtedly one of the most exciting places to explore, so be sure to take it into consideration. And despite the devastating wildfires that are engulfing the country, now is a great time to consider spending some of your tourist dollars in this lush and vital landscape. Here are four of the best places in Australia to visit this January, so check them out and experience the Land Down Under first-hand!

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Did you know that Norfolk Island has its own language?

Norfolk Island

Even though it technically isn’t a part of Australia (it’s actually an external territory), Norfolk Island definitely deserves its place on this list of what to do in Australia. Located about 1,400 kilometres east of New South Wales and Queensland, this place is truly unique on a lot of levels – starting with the fact that it has its own language! It’s called Norfuk, and it’s a blend of Tahitian and 18th-century English.

Apart from its language, Norfolk Island prides itself on its rich history, too, as captain James Cook himself was the first one to officially discover this island.

This place offers fun, relaxation, excitement, and adventure at their finest, which makes it one of the best Aussie destinations to visit this January. Scenic treks to secluded beaches will completely sweep you off your feet, as well, as guided snorkel tours of Emily/Slaughter Bay, so give them a try and you certainly won’t regret it!

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In Hobart, Tasmania, even the locals love to take advantage of the comfortable outdoor conditions

Hobart, Tasmania

Tasmania is another island you mustn’t miss this January, so be sure to take it into consideration when planning your perfect Aussie trip.

Even the locals love to take advantage of the comfortable outdoor conditions, holding a large number of festivals and other events with the Taste of Tasmania at the beginning of the month. When in Tasmania, you should definitely drive to the top of Mt. Wellington, so, first of all, opt for cheap car hire so that you can experience the natural views and highlights when the air is at its clearest and at the same time not break the bank.

Topped by alpine vegetation, Mt. Wellington will allow you to explore the panoramic blend of fields, river, and aquatic setting of Hobart town, which is a truly unique chance to discover this part of the island in the best possible way.

Apart from it, there are a lot of other things to see and do in Tasmania, and one of them is paying a visit to MONA. It should be your go-to museum if you’re a fan of controversial, contemporary art that’s far from traditional. Or just take a walk in one of many national parks and enjoy Tasmania’s wilderness!

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Port Macquarie was named as home to the best overall climate in Australia!

Port Macquarie, New South Wales

In case you weren’t aware of that fact,

which is exactly why it found its place on our list today. In fact, it’s a quite balanced seaside location, which means that you won’t have to worry about humidity or sweating like crazy during January. So, if you enjoy spending quality time by the water, you’ll be happy to find out that this place offers a wide range of activities to indulge in while on vacation. Besides that, you should also remember that waters off the coast of Port Macquarie are rich in marine life, which makes this destination even more exciting and thrilling. Of course, you can always embark on the breathtaking 9km-long Port Macquarie coastal walk if you want to explore its magical scenery, enjoying a blend of beach, river, and Tacking Point Lighthouse – one of the oldest lighthouses in Australia. Trust us when we say that you’ll absolutely adore this marvelous place!

Geelong, Victoria

Last but certainly not least, Geelong is another must-visit place when in Australia which is outstandingly beautiful during January, so don’t wait any longer and pay a visit to this amazing port city! Located on Corio Bay and the Barwon River, Geelong is 75 kilometres south-west of Melbourne, the capital of Victoria. First of all, you must know that its dining and bar scenes rank among Australia’s up-and-coming best, so don’t miss a unique chance to eat at budget-friendly restaurants that offer the most delicious meals you’ve ever had. On the other hand, if you’re a true beer fan, you’ll be thrilled to find out that there are outstanding breweries that will make you fall in love with this drink once again. Apart from that, Geelong also features a lovely waterfront area, a wide range of beaches, and some fabulous swimming and surfing points, so don’t skip them either and experience this fantastic place in the best possible way!

So, if you’re up for exploring Australia and its beauties this January, be sure to stick to our list and pick a destination that’ll completely suit your needs and make your dreams come true. These four are undoubtedly the most exciting ones you can choose from, and one thing is certain – you won’t make a mistake whichever you opt for!

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