5 Top Off-Road Destinations in the World

If you are thinking about trying something different on your vacation, check out our list of five off-road destinations around the globe

We all feel that urge from time to time. Leaving the main road and driving off-road on unmarked trails, exploring the surroundings, and looking for adventure. A lust to break out of our everyday routine and try something new, wild, and challenging.

Luckily, you do not need to risk your family car by answering this type of adventure call. Various locations around the world offer great possibilities for off-road exploration.

Off-Road the Sahara

The ever-changing landscape of the biggest desert on Earth is offering more than enough off-road adventures. Blistering heat combined with inhospitable terrain is a challenge unto itself. The possibility of camping in the desert under the beautiful night sky after a long and exciting day of driving is an out-of-world experience. Since the Sahara is part of several African countries, they organize their off-road tours that explore various parts of the desert and offer unique experiences. For example, in Morocco, a place to rest after a journey may be a nomad tent, a house in a palm grove, or a stone-built house.

Iceland: a Rugged Off-Road Journey

Iceland combines a beautiful and lush landscape with rugged terrain. This island offers its visitors the possibility to explore a volcanic landscape and one of the world’s most massive glaciers. The climate is temperate thanks to the natural heat provided by the island’s volcanic background. Off-road driving is usually organized in convoys, and it can be quite intense in terms of length and terrain. Still, after a day on the road, relaxing in the hotel spa can be considered an excellent addition to the experience.


With the variety of locations to visits and nature to enjoy, Australia should be considered a top destination for off-road action. You can explore various places such as the Simpson desert and its rugged dunes, coast of Tasmania with its beautiful wilderness and isolation. And do not forget Victorian High Country, with its rich forests and stunning vistas, but also really demanding terrain for driving. Because the land can be rough, check if the vehicles are fitted with quality off-road tyres. For those who want a challenge, Fraser Island – the largest sand island – is the destination to go to.

United States

Off-road tripping is spectacular in the US

The US has some of the most spectacular places of nature. Off-road adventure in areas such as Grand Canyon or Yellowstone is breathtaking, but other, less-known locations are beautiful as well. For example, the Hatfield-McCoy trails system in West Virginia, with its hundreds of miles of trails expanding even today, offers a great way to enjoy off-road activities. The tracks are of various difficulties, so both beginners and season veterans can enjoy it. The good thing is that the trails are open throughout the whole year. Also, no list of this kind is complete without mentioning Moab – a breathtaking sandstone landscape mixed with the desert setting in Southeastern Utah. It has unique trails for bikers and overlanders alike.


The Birthplace of Genghis Khan, one of the mightiest military commanders, is an excellent location for off-road adventures. Vast swaths of natural wilderness are open for exploration. The country itself is the size of western Europe. It combines open steppes in the north with the spectacular Gobi Desert in the south. Wild horses galloping across the plains are a common thing here, as well as camels as you approach the desert. It is an excellent location to be crossed by bikes, similar to the Mongolian warriors of old that similarly used horses.

Off-roading can be fun and exciting. Just remember that it can be exhausting as well. Remember to stay hydrated, rest whenever you can, and do not spend all the time taking selfies or posting on social media. Enjoy the nature and the beauty it provides with its fascinating landscapes brimming with life (yes, even the desert ones!)

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