Expatriates: Best 5 Countries for Expats

Moving abroad is never an easy choice.

There definitely are countries whose citizens choose repatriation if they are pursuing a better life, but what happens if you are from a country which has a good economy but you still want to live someplace else? Or if you are simply not satisfied with your job? Of course, you won’t be choosing the country you will be an expat in only because of its beauty, but because of its economy, lifestyle and other factors that might be a determining factor should you be considering expat living for you. Here is a list of some of the best places where you could move to if you really wanted; places that are great for working and living, either by yourself or with your family. Bear in mind that you should always do your homework beforehand and see how much your profession is paid in that specific country. The case with digital nomads and being an expat online is a bit different though, but without further ado, this is where you could live:

United Arab Emirates 


expatriates tend to flock to Dubai, but not forever

The fact that only 11% of the population in the United Arab Emirates are actually Emirati nationals speaks a lot. This country is a mecca for everyone who wants to work there and earn good money. The most popular places for working are definitely Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but there are other parts that welcome expats as well. The income tax is zero, so all young professionals know that they can make more money here than back home. However, what you should bear in mind is that the United Arab Emirates is not a place where you should plan your future. These are the countries where you move to for a couple of years, earn money and return to your home country. These are not the countries that are great for long-term expat living, especially because the oil will eventually dry out and the cultural shock is a bit big.

Switzerland and Sweden: Northern Expat


expatriates love both Sweden and Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most expensive countries in Europe but it’s also one of the countries that have the highest standard. The country is extremely clean, it has some of the best examples of nature and is the home of all that cheese. Suffice it to say that it’s the perfect country for moving and living there. However, life in Switzerland is expensive, and it might be very difficult to find a job – you really need to be a professional at your job if you want to make yourself a nice life there. However, if you believe in yourself and you think you meet all the requirements, Switzerland is an excellent country to be an expat in.


The music there is amazing, the people incredibly beautiful, nature even more beautiful than the people who are, as you might remember, very beautiful. It’s Sweden, another European country that is simply amazing. The standard there is very high, and it’s considered an expensive country, but it has been welcoming expats from all over the world. However, just like with any European country: you really have to have certain skills if you want to live here. However, it’s also a great place if you have kids. 70% of the expats say that it’s cheaper to raise kids there than at home, and an individual can have up to 480 days of parental leave and up to 120 days off a year to look after sick children.

Hong Kong: Asia Expat


Expatriates have moved to Hong Kong because of all the business possibilities

If you are up for something much more exotic and eastern, then you should definitely have Hong Kong in mind. This is a place that many people have moved to because of all the business possibilities – but if you are in the banking and financial sector, you have even more reasons to move here. Hong Kong is also an amazing country to move to if you have a family. There are many opportunities for your children there, so if you have a toddler, for example, you can enroll them into a Mandarin-speaking playgroup where they will socialize with other kids, learn a new language and have fun while you’re at work. The diversity of things that people can do there is precisely the reason why many people from Singapore, Japan, Britain, and the US come to live and work in Hong Kong.

A Canadian Expat


Expatriates love Canada for it’s diverse nature, great economy and plenty of job possibilities

Canada has always had open arms for all the newcomers, and many people choose to go there to build a new life. It’s an amazing country with diverse nature, a great economy and plenty of job possibilities. It is also very tolerant to people of different races, genders, and sexual orientations. So, no more words are needed for why Canada is a great option!

There are so many great countries out there, and if you are really considering repatriation, make sure that you have all the important information beforehand before becoming an expat.  Hey, good luck!


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