5 Incredible Bucket List Travel Destinations

Make it a point to explore every city and metropolis on your bucket list!

As a translator, I’ve travelled worldwide as part of my work.

It’s taken me to many important meetings and some stunning destinations, but I have often only seen a hotel and inside a cab. After a while, I made it a point to explore every city I visited. I am lucky enough to say that I have visited every major capital and interesting metropolis on my bucket list.

But the places that stayed with me more, and the places I still want to visit, are usually not quite the cityscapes, and they are not quite what other people have on their lists.

Here is my version of a travel bucket list, and why I think you should visit at least one of these places in your lifetime.

Tsukuba allows you to visit Tokyo and immerse yourself in Japanese culture: Source: Flickr

Tsukuba Science City: Japanese Bucket List

Japan is a beautiful country with a unique and rich culture. Isolated from the Asian mainland for centuries, it has developed in parallel rather than in unison with the beat of the rest of this part of the world. This has led to some stunning architecture and a cuisine that you simply won’t find anywhere else.
I love Tsukuba because it allows you to visit Tokyo and immerse yourself in Japanese culture without being overwhelmed by the crowds and the pace of the place. It’s an area rich with museums and large shopping centers on the one hand, and parks and lakes on the other. This makes it the perfect base from which to explore every aspect of one of the world’s great cities. If you love trying new foods and tackling a complex new language, this could be a journey you will remember for the rest of your life. When coming from a Western background, spending a few weeks in Tsubaka will open you up to new worldviews and experiences.

The Camino de Santiago: explore rural Spain with your spiritual self  Source Flickr 

The Camino de Santiago: A Spanish Bucket List Destination 

There’s no better way to explore rural Spain than to set foot on the Camino de Santiago. This network of trails spans approximately thousands of kilometres; every inch of it is worth the visit. Personally, I love the coastal villages, as they give you a real look at an authentic way of life that you may have thought was lost forever.
Fresh fish and other seafood come in daily and are traded in the bustling markets just as they would have been centuries earlier. By getting yourself out of the hustle and bustle, and well away from the usual tourist haunts, you can experience something genuine and unique. Perfect for allowing yourself the time to rest and relax at the end of a few months of work. There are dozens of Camino walks you can choose, so whether you have a month or a weekend to explore, I highly recommend you go for it.

Enjoy the coffee shops and artisan boutiques of Cambridge, Massachusetts!  Source Flickr

Cambridge, Massachusetts

When people talk about the US, the focus is always on the likes of NYC and LA. Nestled across the river from downtown Boston is something of a hidden gem in the form of Cambridge. This is a city next to a city that you have probably heard of before, as the home of MIT and Harvard — two of the most prestigious universities in the world. Not to be confused with Cambridge in the UK, which is also home to a famous university (and my alma mater). Their presence gives the neighbourhood a relaxed and artistic vibe that is ideal if you want to experience city living like never before. I loved the coffee shops, artisan boutiques, late-night bookstores, and bagels. This is American living as it should be: carefree and relaxed at every turn. Plus, if you want to head into the city, you can stroll across the river and be in the burgeoning metropolis that is Boston in as little as half an hour. Life on campus is not what you would imagine it, but the one thing certainly not lacking is the ideas and vision of the young minds that cluster there.

If you want to really experience what life is like on the Emerald Isle, then head to Cork! Source Flikr

County Cork

Ireland is a country that has it all: great people, amazing landscapes, and a rich cultural history. The music in the pubs and the Guinness on tap is enough to tempt many people to Ireland, but most of them end up in Dublin. Whilst it is a city not to be missed, it has been somewhat gentrified in recent years and has struggled to maintain the true Irish charm of the towns in Cork.
If you want to experience life on the Emerald Isle, then I can’t recommend Cork highly enough. You could relax at a couple of inns and walk your way between them, or treat it as a classic village break for the week. All you need to do is decide which one fits your plans best, and the hospitality of the locals will make the trip one you’re never likely to forget.

Helsinki offers a comfortable and homey unique tapestry to explore! Source Flikr


The final place that has really resonated with me is Helsinki. It’s a city known far and wide, but not perhaps best known as a tourist destination; I can’t figure out why! It’s the most relaxing and homey place you can imagine, with people always smiling and welcoming you around every turn. This is partly due to the relaxed way of life in Scandinavia as a whole, but I’ve always felt that part of it is due to the unique tapestry of this great city.
Staying down by the water is a great way to add some tranquillity to your city break so you can escape it all at the end of each day. If you combine this with plenty of sightseeing during the day, I expect you’ll never forget your time in the heart of Finland.

What is on YOUR Bucket List?

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