Postcard from Cinque Terre

Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy – September

Cinque Terre is perhaps one of my favourite places

that I have travelled to – for the simple reason that it offers many of the things that I seek out; the ‘real’ things in life: beautiful landscapes, great cuisine and happy people. Cinque Terre, literally, “Five Towns”, is situated along Italy’s western coast and offers amazing hikes with tremendous views that remind you how special this planet is outside of your office or humdrum workplace. Whether you are with friends, family or alone, it is a place to find harmony. I felt as though I had been separated from the world and was walking through a dream as I trekked along the edge of the scree-filled mountains through vineyards and quaint villages full of smiling locals.

During the hike, Cinque Terre, Italy. Image courtesy of

During the hike, Cinque Terre, Italy. Image courtesy of Julien Miro

Outside the train station, Cinque Terre, Italy. Image courtesy of Julien Miro

I was staying in Riomaggiore, so that’s where my hike started, wandering through the remarkable towns and cliff-hanging villages of Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza before arriving at Monte Rosso Al Mare. The walk starts by going straight up a hill and then turns into a winding, stone strewn paths that guide you along the coast. It can take around four to five hours especially when you are stopping every five minutes to soak in the view and take a photo. It is hard for me to say where the best view is because I enjoyed looking at how the vineyards blended into the mountain, as much as, how the towns seemed to be floating on the side of the ridge. Vernazza (the featured image I am in above) is considered one of the most picturesque and one that you will find on many, many postcards being hawked by the locals.

Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy. Image courtesy of Julien Miro

Plan your hike to arrive by sunset, which is what I did, and you will be greeted by an unreal, Hollywood backdrop to a Woody Allen film. The difficulty level is low to medium and could be done by all ages. I highly suggest bringing at least one litre of water, but you can purchase juice and pick fruit along the way. It is also a pleasant idea to bring a bunch of local meats, cheeses and fresh juice to enjoy a picnic on what seems to be the top of the world!

“Isn’t crazy that we can just pick up our phones and get an answer to anything we want? ” My name is Julien Miro, I come from Toronto, Canada and am proudly stapled with a Bachelor of International Tourism Management. My passion is travelling with a small bag, that way I can carry more memories than things. I always try to take photos of my journeys and scribble what went down. I am rather old school that way: pencil and paper to capture the truth of the moment!  That way I can share the hidden roads and unknown paths I have stumbled upon with friends and family around the world.




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