Sydney’s Best Rooftop Bars

A wonderful place to behold, 

Australia’s largest city features fun and adventure around every single one of its numerous corners. There aren’t too many ways to spend the summer days in this town that are better than exploring its rooftop bars, and you can rest assured that the city of Sydney has a lot of these to brag about. With this in mind, here are top ten rooftop bars in Sydney that offer spectacular views.

The Flamboyant Websters Bar

What was once a popular institution called Zanzibar now is a re-invented Websters Bar that certainly doesn’t lack in style. Spreading across three levels, this bar offers a beautiful backyard rooftop with an even more beautiful view. The menu of delicious specialties and signature cocktails adds to its charm, offering a range of seductive flavours.

Sydneys top Roof Top Bars

Webster’s bar, Sydney, Author Tania J Watene

The Lively Coogee Pavilion Rooftop

Sitting on a former Beach Palace Hotel’s site, the Coogee Pavilion does more than living up to the well-known name. This enchanting rooftop bar offers a perimeter balcony that overlooks the beachside and is lush with greenery that works perfectly with indoor greenhouse structures and exotic bird sketches.

Sydneys top Roof Top Bars

Coogee Pavilion rooftop, Sydney, Author Boms

The Challenging Hotel Sweeney’s

Keep in mind that getting to this bar’s roof is actually physically challenging, but this certainly adds to its authenticity. However, as soon as you get to the top, you’ll be rewarded with cold Peronis and, of course, a gorgeous view of the big city canopy.

rooftop bars

Sweeney’s, Sydney, Author colettehortle

 Henry Deane at the Historic Hotel Palisade

You’d never say that the Hotel Palisade has been standing for over a century, because it’s modern just as it’s sophisticated. The best part of it is the 360-degree view of Sydney that features everything from Barangaroo to the Harbour Bridge. You can enjoy the city’s majestic views over some of Sydney’s finest foods that include oysters, grilled lamb cutlets, mussel bowls and much more.

roof top bars

Henry Deane, Sydney, Author Yenjamin

The Roof Garden – a Zythophile’s Heaven

If you’re unfamiliar with the urban term, a zythophile is someone who enjoys all things beer-related. And the Roof Garden, located on the top of the Local Taphouse offers as many as 20 craft beers on tap, all year-round! Of course, beverages like cocktails and spiced mulled wine are also available – perfect for your non-beer-drinking friends.

roof top bars

The Local Taphouse, Sydney, Author Mark McSadler

The Sky-High Brigade Rooftop

A breathtaking urban outlook is one of the main features of this rooftop bar that sits at 83 metres above the sea level. Its cool leafy terrace is a perfect background to casual evenings over refreshing cocktails or wood-fired pizzas.

roof top bars

The Light Brigade, Sydney, Author vallejomj

The Exclusive Supper Club

This bar at the top of the InterContinental Hotel used to be reserved for guests only but has recently been opened up to the public after 9 pm, Wednesdays through Saturdays. Although you will need to book in advance, this is your ticket to feeling like a celebrity at this luxurious sky-high hotel bar.

roof top bars

Supper Club, Sydney, Author You Gotta Taste This

The Vast Views of the Rooftop Pool

Want to enjoy inspiring views, warm sunlight and cool beverages? You can do all of this while also taking a swim at the charming Old Clare Hotel’s Rooftop Pool. A stone’s throw away from Central Station, this cool place is one of the most luxurious and convenient rooftop bars in Chippendale, yet it doesn’t have a dress code!

roof top bars

The Old Clare, Sydney, Author JULIE CHMIELOWSKI

The Urban Metropolitan Hotel

After extensive renovations, the Metropolitan Hotel has been reopened. And this means that you can once again enjoy the fancy fish and chips, sausages and mash and pulled lamb sliders while looking at the urban George and Bridge Streets.

roof top bars

Metropolitan Hotel, Sydney, Author Supatta N.

The Casual Sweethearts Rooftop

If cool tunes and a casual atmosphere is your thing, look no further than the Sweethearts. Tequila and a banquet menu that was designed with sharing in mind are the focus of this inspiring rooftop bar.

roof top bars

 Sweethearts rooftop, Sydney, Author Supatta N.

These ten rooftop hotspots offer more than spectacular views. Every single one of the mentioned bars is special in its own way, offering you your own perfect spot that will forever remind you of the glorious country of Australia and its vibrant metropolis.


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