A Leisurely Bondi Beach Read: Last Days in Sydney, Australia

Our time in Sydney and indeed Australia unfortunately, is coming to an end.

We find it hard to believe how quickly two months has flown by.

Hot = Bondi!

Our last couple of days has been easy going and relaxed. On Tuesday, the temperature soared to 40 degrees, so we headed for Bondi for the day. We grabbed the first bus that came along and unfortunately it was not air-conditioned. Everyone is dripping wet after 5 minutes of travel and is fanning themselves with whatever they can grab. It is only Tuesday, but the beach is busy, mostly with tourists. John tells me that a Japanese tourist had drowned here four days earlier while body surfing. We have a leisurely beach read and some swimming and head back to the city about 4 pm. Not much is planned for tonight. Dinner in and some Australis TV (what there is of it). We have no air conditioning in the apartment and plan for a restless, hot night. Shortly after midnight, the wind shifts and things start to cool down a bit.

Cool = No Bondi

Wednesday breaks cloudy and 16 degrees cooler than yesterday. Ahhhh, Sydney. The weather forecasters have the toughest job here. They never get it right. Today looks to be an errand and cleanup day. We are finishing books that we will leave here. Cooking food that has been purchased. Organizing hotels and travel for phase three of our trip.
John is on the phone with Olympic Airways booking the Greece and Turkey part of our journey. We have a very tight schedule in Greece. Our tour of Turkey has had two days tacked onto the end, and it is right in the middle of our time in Athens and the islands. We have checked out ferry schedules and find that we won’t be able to do as much island hopping as we had hoped and with the schedules the way they are, we opt for flying. The other consideration was to do a 22-hour bus ride from Athens to Istanbul to connect to the first day of our tour group. I said no to that.

We had ordered some t-shirts with our followsummer logo on them, and they are ready. I head up to Surry Hills to pick them up while John heads down to Olympic in Darling Harbour to secure our airline tickets. Our guardian angel Eric has graciously offered us his car to head to the Blue Mountains on Friday, and we arrive back to the apartment to a phone call from him organizing the car drop off.

We are both craving pizza tonight and grab a bottle of nice red and head around the corner to Uno Uno (sadly, at the time of re-posting, no longer open) for a quick pizza. We consider take away to flop in front of the TV again, but once we get there, we settle in and order.


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