Visit Canada: The Ultimate Winter Wonderland

Coming from sunny Australia,

I fully understand why some of you may dread the idea of traveling to this snow-laden kingdom in the middle of winter. You’re surely wondering if it’s way too cold for you to
enjoy the sights, too snowy to keep your feet dry during hours of city exploration, and what about their notorious moose and other utterly adorable wildlife? Despite all you may be feeling right now, my warmest winter advice is – go! Canada is the perfect destination that is the epitome of Christmas, warm hospitality, toasty treats, majestic nature, and superb events all year-round. Consider one of these Travel Guides when you are saving the date of your winter holiday for the Great White North!

Winter in Canada

Canadian Skiing at its Best

Test your Skiing Skills

This may not be much of a surprise, but Canada is the place to be during winter for those who are eager for a ski adventure. From complete beginners to absolute pros, everyone will find their hills and slopes in one or another corner of the country, all neatly wrapped in perfect, pure white and adorned with all the modern perks of upscale restaurants for those who are, in their heart, still city-dwellers. Among the most famous and most beloved ski resorts is the Revelstoke Mountain Resort, which is ideal for versatile ski levels, and the city is equally fun for a visit. Even if you’re not a huge fan of skis, you can still enjoy the breathtaking scenery on a guided backcountry or a snowmobile tour, or you take lessons in Nordic skiing. You can take a self-drive through Canada and visit the Rockies, which is one of the most popular places in the Canadian ski scene. Ontario’s smaller, but equally popular Blue Mountain Resort is another worthy stop for those who’d like to test the slopes during nighttime, and there is a ridge runner mountain coaster (yes, such a thing truly exists!), for all ages, and lovers of thrill and adventure! And of course, for a little taste of the French Alps in Canada, Mont Tremblant, just two hours north of Montréal, offers some of the highest verticals in eastern North America!

winter in Canada

Niagara Ice Wine Festival
Image courtesy of OTMPC

Treat Yourself to the Canadian Delights

A rarity in the world that is bound to dazzle all wine lovers, the Canadian icewine is a dessert delicacy that goes perfectly well with any treat of your choice due to its distinct sweetness and will impress any sweet tooth on the premises. Ontario is the most prominent icewine-maker in Canada, so if you’re in the vicinity, drop by Niagara on the Lake for a tasting session, winery tour, or even the famous icewine festival that is hosted every January. But leave room for the various rich meals Canada is known for, especially during winter – their national dish called poutine, which includes French fries and cheese curds with gravy, is to die for, in Montreal’s Lafayette or Shawarmaz especially, since these spots are known for their classic poutine as well as other of its ingenious variations.

Canada in Winter

Classic Quebec Poutine: La Banquaise in Montreal Image courtesy of Vicky Weiss

Winter in Canada

The Incredible Aurora Borealis! image courtesy of

The Bewildering Aurora

Some people go to Canada for this phenomenon alone, and if you’re a lover of the Northern lights, the trip will be worth your while, because this majestic northern country is riddled with perfect spots for observing the Aurora Borealis. For those of you who are planning to travel from Australia like me, you can choose a reliable Canada travel agency with pre-arranged packages for this sky spectacle, in places that are perfect for the experience, including the famous Yellowknife, Blachford Lake, and Whitehorse, so you can take your pick. 

You’ll be taken to the spots where the lights are most likely to be observed, and you’ll have plenty of sightseeing opportunities during the day so that you can enjoy the Canadian wilderness and the dreamy winter scenery while waiting for the evening spectacle.

Catch the Urban Winter Wave

Although nature in Canada truly is special during winter, its white-clad cities are as fun and gorgeous as the wilderness. Even when it’s too cold to roam the streets for too long, Canadians have found a few ways to spend their time enjoying the seasonal endeavors, one of their favorites being hockey! You haven’t been to Canada if you haven’t seen at least one hockey game, such as the Vancouver Canucks or the Toronto Maple Leafs at their absolute best.

Another winter-favorite activity is the shopping spree you can enjoy in the underground compound of Toronto, called PATH, with 30 kilometers worth of shops, hotels, office towers and the like, all of which aim to attract both locals and winter visitors who’d like to escape the cold for a moment.

And just having looked at the snow-cast for Canada, meteorologists are calling for blizzard conditions, freezing rain, nor’easters, and icy Arctic air with an extra large accumulation of that glorious white stuff this winter, so strap on your skis, bring your hockey stick and appetite to Canada, where the locals say ‘We were built for this’!

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