To Drive or Fly in Australia?

Fly or Drive in Australia

DRIVE or FLY in Australia?

Australia is a magical country.

It is a country of diverse nature, huge historical heritage, a country that has something in store for everyone. Considering all of the above mentioned and much more, it is clear that Australia in itself is gigantic. And few people realize that. Sometimes you need to cross thousands of kilometers to go from one major center to another. It’s bigger than most visitors, and even locals realize.

“And that only raises one question: how do you get around? Is it better to drive or fly?”

Let’s take a closer look!

Pros and Cons

Before listing all the pros and cons for flying and driving, do know that you need to arm yourself with lots of information in advance and make the most of your preparations before the trip. Now that we have cleared that up, take a look at why you should consider flying!



FLY over Brisbane


If you want to cover as much of the country as possible in a short period, taking a plane will be the most efficient way to get around the land down under. And yes, many will immediately claim how flying in Australia is quite expensive. That is only partially correct, and there is one useful trick that you should be aware of – a ticket loyalty program. Many fail to see how useful Qantas’s loyalty program can be.  If you use their services often, you become a holder of a quite helpful Qantas Frequent Flyer card. With that card, you can earn Qantas Points that you can use to reduce the costs of air traveling considerably. It is evident that many people who prefer planes to any other mean of traveling will appreciate this benefit. To sum up, if you opt for flying, you’ll save a lot of time, your flights will be enjoyable, and with the mentioned benefit, you could also save a few bucks.

Drive or Fly in Australia

DRIVE the Great Ocean Road, Australia


On the other hand, folks who aren’t on a busy schedule find driving in Australia quite enjoyable, and it’s easy to see why. Firstly, the roads are well maintained, the routes clearly marked and offer a variety of exciting and beautiful places to visit along the way. Car hire services are numerous and you are most likely going to find a good car wherever you land in Australia. On top of that, many tourists claim how the only proper way to experience Australia is to drive from one site to another. According to them, that’s the ‘real’ Australia, outside of tourist traps. Another important thing for all of you who are leaning towards this option is the fact that the land down under has many accommodation options along with rest stops on the more populated routes. On the other hand, do know that having a car break down in the outback can be quite a pain in the neck. But, as many say, driving the outback and other ‘more remote’ areas provides you a unique insight into the remoteness and sheer size of the Australian continent. And one thing that is common both to flying and driving is that you need to plan and prepare. Except that this piece of advice really comes in handy when you want to drive through the country. You need to double check for any signs that your car can’t withstand hundreds of kilometers ahead. As it is mentioned above, Australia is a huge country, so if you opt for driving, prepare yourself for countless kilometers. But most importantly, prepare your car for the challenge.


All in all, it is clear that each of the two options has its perks and downsides. That is entirely okay, and it all comes down to your personal preferences. Flying through Australia is time-saving, relaxed and comfortable. On the other hand, car lovers claim that the feeling is better when you cruise countless kilometers in a car. So, choose wisely and choose according to your preferences.


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