International Guests at Stara Vila

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004: Primošten, Croatia

We meet our fellow guests at the villa over a long and leisurely breakfast in the garden and we truly are an international crowd: Francois and John from Paris (John via the US), Stefan from Frankfurt, Franco from Rome, Irina and Davor from Frankfurt and of course, Dusha, as Stefan puts it; “the boss”, our gracious hostess.

It takes no time to navigate the island. You can walk around the circumference in about twenty minutes. There are no sand beaches here; mostly rocky outcroppings with pebble beaches for the children (and there are a lot of children) and rocky beaches for the adults. Everyone seems to have diving or beach shoes to protect their feet from the jagged rocks and scree on the beach and as you enter the water. The other necessary beach accompaniment is a pad to go with your towel. This makes the lounging much more bearable. Swimmers and sun bathers have grabbed every conceivable inch of the island to spread themselves out. In the harbour, luxury yachts abound.

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