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PHOTO: And Buddha Blesses All

Wishing for Good Luck with Buddha

Phuket, Thailand

Buddah Blesses All

This turns out to be a wonderful, magical and somewhat mystical day.

Our first stop is the Wat Bupparam, housing the famous 400-year-old Teak Buddha, and we are met at the gates by two women bearing small baskets and we think, “oh, no, more touts. Religious touts this time”. They nab John and we quickly realize that these baskets are housing doves that, upon release, bring good luck to those who have let them free. It is Songkran after all. We pay our 200 baht for 2, and John lets them go. The wat is huge and has the many traditional Pra Chedi housing relics of the Lord Buddha. An old woman graciously greets us at the temple door, asks us to remove our shoes and shows us in. I am overcome with a need to cry.

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Daily Travel Photos
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