Best European Countries For Expats

You may be pondering a life abroad or dreaming of making a move across the ocean to Europe. Being an expat means you get the chance to live and work abroad while enjoying the best that country has to offer.

It is also a wonderful way to learn and experience other cultures without actually committing to anything long-term, unless you want to, of course. Europe is a popular expat destination for digital nomads from all over the world. However, there are a few countries that are definitely worth your time and effort. Here are some of them that you’d definitely enjoy if you’re thinking about moving abroad.

Being an Expat in Portugal 

In recent years, Portugal has welcomed a lot of expats from different countries. Also, many people from North America started moving to cities like Braga, Porto, and of course, Lisbon. Portugal lies in the utmost west of the European continent, hugging the Atlantic Ocean. It is a popular tourist destination, so it makes sense that many expats have chosen it as their favourite destination. With its tasty food, hospitable locals, and beautiful weather, Portugal is an amazing place to start your expat adventure! 

Czech Republic for an Expat

Expat in Prague

This gorgeous country is known for its delicious beer, beautiful architecture, and great nightlife. The capital city, Prague, is a lively hub of international students, film workers, and of course, expats from different countries. Due to its cosmopolitan and diverse culture, Prague is a favorite place for many ex-pats, especially those who want to experience a former communist place, with a modern and liberal upgrade. Its center is also a UNESCO World Heritage site. Aside from Prague, the Czech Republic has a few more tricks on its sleeve: picturesque sites and nature, romantic castles, and affordable living costs. 


Probably the youngest country on this list, Montenegro is so much more than a summer vacation spot. With a 294 km long coastline, Montenegro has everything for everyone, which is a great thing, especially for a small country. Although Budva is known for its buzzing nightlife, expats might prefer something more low-key. In that case, it’s best to look for houses for sale in Kotor, as this city is the crown jewel of the Montenegrin coastline. It has a charming Old City, beautiful views, and rich history, while still being modern and full of opportunities. Montenegro is a wonderful country for expats who love the Mediterranean buzz, but still prefer something more secluded. 


expat in Ireland

Those who prefer to live in an English-speaking country will surely enjoy moving to Ireland. One of the most recognizable and beloved countries, Ireland is famous for its stunning natural wonders and green pastures. There are numerous places and attractions worth visiting. However, expats will also appreciate the fact that Ireland’s become an IT hub of Europe, which is why it’s also a desirable location for many digital nomads and other ex-pats who work in the field. When it comes to friendliness to foreigners, Ireland is also ranked pretty high, which is great news to those who are considering moving there for longer.


Those who want to move to a stable environment, with a lot of perks, then look no further than Germany. The capital city, Berlin, is known for being a beloved international spot. From beautiful big parks and cycling culture to iconic historic sites and wild clubbing spots, Berlin is perfect for everyone who wants to experience Europe in its full glory and shine. Also, an important fact: Berliners love to speak English, so you won’t be required to speak German at the beginning, which is a plus. However, it is recommended you do some effort and learn a few basic phrases in order to start on the right foot. Other German cities perfect for ex-pats: Cologne, Frankfurt, and Dresden, to name only a few. 

Final Expat thoughts 

Moving to a new country for longer is a nice way to learn something new and grow as a person. Europe is a diverse continent, and these countries will be perfect for any expat who wants to gain some valuable new experiences, with a lot of fun. As long as you get prepared prior to the trip, you’ll be able to have a nice start in your new chapter of your expat life!

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