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Like a Local City Guide: NOLA Musts

Ahhh the Lady NOLA: think you know all of her sultry, sexy charms?

Mark Twain writes about the word ‘lagniappe’ (pronounced “lan-yap”) meaning ‘a little something extra’, in a chapter on New Orleans in Life on the Mississippi (1883). He called it

‘a word worth traveling to New Orleans to get.’

Followsummer continues our Like a Local City Guides with Amy Reimer, General Manager of the popular International House Hotel, who shares her own ‘lagniappe’ and her personal insider’s view of New Orleans and all those secret stops only a local knows.

Must Stays: Amy offers her recommendations to unpack and rest your weary NOLA feet:  

International House Hotel of course and for a more quintessentially great loft experience, oua2r sister hotel Loft 523.”  Claiborne Mansion: located in an ideal setting in the Faubourg Marigny neighborhood,  is an excellent option for both first-timers and honorary New Orleanians.” 

Must Eat: What are Amy’s fav spots to nibble and sip?

Mariza: “the new, hip, Italian-inspired establishment situated in the Rice Mill Lofts in the BywaterJacques Imo’s: “Funky Uptown spot with traditional tastes of Louisiana offering ‘Real Nawlins Food”.  Clancy’s: “A New O classic uptown for New Orleans traditional fare.” 

Must Enjoy Cafe Culture: Amy shares her personal NOLA spots to grab a glass or simply to people watch:

HiVolt: “great coffee and food, hipster vibe, tucked away from tourists”. Faubourg Wines: “wine shop in the Bywater: great for people watching.” Piety Snowballs: “snowballs are a New O classic, and this place has amazing flavors! If you like sour, ask them to put ‘sour spray’ on your snowball. “a1

Must Shop: What are Amy’s favorite shopping finds?
Sterling Provision and Greg’s Antiques for vintage NOLA furniture and funky pieces including mid-century furniture, lighting, linens and artwork.” 

Must VisitDoes Amy have a typical tourist spot or something hidden away? Bacchanal is a tucked away wine and cheese joint that feels more like a backyard party” 

Must Explore: a unique neighborhood, Market, or Mississippi river walk? Amy shares:

Bywater and Marigny have tons of great NOLA treats.” 


Must-See View: what are Amy’s favorite view or something hidden away?

“the newly opened Crescent Park,  hands down. Located right on the riverfront in Bywater and stretching some  1.4 miles along the Mississippi, the park provides great views and access to the water. Take a stroll, ride your bike, or simply watch the river float by while sitting on its banks.”

New Orleans truly is a lady with lagniappe: As Twain said:

“When you are invited to drink, and this does occur now and then in New Orleans — and you say ‘What, again? — no, I’ve had enough’ the other party says, ‘But just this one time more — this is for lagniappe.’ ”

That little something extra is evident everywhere the Lady NOLA entertains and followsummer has our own musts in New O: check them out:

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