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Top 7 Best Things in Miami According to Locals

Great weather isn’t the only motivation to head to Miami – most of the city’s top attractions have reopened after being closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic for most of the last year. With so much to explore, travelling to this urban oasis can be overwhelming. Hopefully, the following list of best places to go, see and do in Miami according to locals, will help make up your mind.

Even with spring and summer temperatures on the rise, one travel destination still manages to keep its allure – Miami, Florida.

Miami’s dynamic city atmosphere, mesmerizing blue waters, gorgeous beaches, art deco architecture and Super Bowl host are just some of the reasons that make this city America’s eternal warm-weather getaway.

Miami must see: check out the Magic City’s neighbourhoods

One of the best ways to experience all the city has to show and offer is to book various Miami city sightseeing tours that will take you around the best destinations and events, from shopping tours to cultural and arts events and memorable water adventures.

As you go exploring around Miami, make sure you peek into different neighbourhoods so you can relish in the local food and beer. One neighbourhood that you shouldn’t miss is Wynwood, with some of the city’s best breweries. You might also check out Miami-centric murals inside Wynwood Brewing. 

After warming up your spirits with a beer, take a walking art tour so you can sample some of the best quick food in the neighbourhood – Asian cuisine, best local pizza slices and delicious tacos.

South Beach, Miami.
Away from Miami Beach

Enjoy a quieter beach away from Miami Beach

One of the benefits of slow re-openings and less strict regulations is being able to enjoy your time on the beach with fewer crowds and noise. Such is Bill Baggs and Crandon Park on Biscayne Bay. Even if you head north of 22nd street along Miami Beach, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that you have the place almost all to yourself!

Snorkel in the Keys

Snorkelling in the Keys, specifically Key Largo, is another great way to enjoy your time in Miami. Located only about an hour from the city, Coral Reef State Park offers some of the world’s best snorkelling. And, if you’re only looking to go for a swim, this is the place – no reservations are necessary, not even a guide or a boat.

Lovely Key Largo

See the Everglades

Though “seeing” the Everglades is an extensive term given its enormity and an abundance of things to see and do if you can appreciate the beauty of nature, a vast cypress swamp and slinky birds cruising over the black water, winter is the best time to head out and explore this amazing place. The bugs are scarce, and you can spend a whole day hiking on almost zero elevation grounds enjoying many of the park’s trails.

However, if you’re not much of a hiking type, book the Everglades airboat tour that includes an exciting airboat ride, alligator show and jungle walking trail.

Wildlife abounds in the Everglades

Explore the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

One of South Florida’s natural gems, this 83-acre garden is a true tropical wonder: a lush rainforest with a stream, flowering trees and cycads, an enormous vine pergola, sunken garden, dramatic views and a museum of plant exploration. It’s a perfect place to enjoy nature with plenty of shady corners that provide refuge from the heat.

Stroll the magnificent Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

Topping the lists of Miami’s attractions is a dreamy Italian Renaissance-style villa in the middle of lush, tranquil Coconut Grove. The entire area covers 43 acres of meticulously landscaped gardens, a large bay-front terrace and the house itself in all its architectural glory with an unmatched collection of European antiques and decorative works ranging from the 16th to 19th centuries. Being among the most Instagrammable locations in Miami, Vizcaya also offers a packed event calendar with many free activities throughout the whole year.

Coconut Grove’s Vizcaya Villa

Visit the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science

Sprawling across a massive area of 250,000 square feet, the new Frost Science encompasses four buildings—the Aquarium, the Frost Planetarium and the North and West Wings. They all offer year-round exhibits and are a true curiosity for inquisitive minds of all ages. One of them is “Power of Science,” which explores four scientific frontiers— the environment, oceans, the human body and the cosmos.

Frost Science’s—the Aquarium

To most people, Miami is all glitz and glamour, but once you scratch under the surface and go a bit deeper, you’ll find many hidden gems worth visiting!

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