Adapting to Travel Trends & Safety Concerns

How do tourists stay safe when travelling abroad?

It’s a loaded question, but one that influences any international adventure. Often, a go-to site for up to date safety recommendations and advisories is the Bureau of Consular Affairs’ Travel Advisories. Though informative, negative ratings on certain countries due to political unrest or ecological concerns keep some people from traveling or, at the very least, make them more tentative and aware. How is this, coupled with changing trends in travel experiences, going to affect national and international tourism? On this podcast, I offer insight into how tourists are evolving, and how the hotels, resorts, Airbnb’s, hostels and everything in between should adapt. The industry is responding with more resources and more physical security, and I expect even more drastic changes to come.

“I think that the way people have traveled in the past is not the way people will travel in the future”







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