The Detox Diaries: Day Two

Gurgling stomach continues: I run to the bathroom two hours before my usual rising time. The Wild Rose Herbal laxative (the second set of three bitter pills) is working. I am definitely getting a colon cleanse!

I am not a breakfast person normally but feel the need to try and comply with the dietary requirements of this detox and cleanse. Oatmeal with whole almonds, no sugar or milk.  I choke it down.

The Wildrose Detox allows for two cups of black coffee a day: I plan to cut out coffee during the entirety of the cleanse. We’ll see how long that lasts. Juice can’t be grape-based or with glucose or hidden sugars, so Minute Maid is out of the question. My research is finding lots of interesting information about the sugar content in our over the counter cartons of juice. I will be re-examining my intake of these types of fluids for the future.

I read the Globe and Mail, shower, shave and head to work. My Starbucks stop is no longer a Double Tall, Non-Fat Latte but a Grande Green Tea.  I am feeling virtuous, cleansed and in control.

Throughout the morning, I continue to refill my Starbucks cup with Green Tea from our office Flavia machine. My 1-liter bottle of water sits at the ready on my desk. I begin one of many, many trips to the bathroom over the next ten days.  Lunch is purchased out at my local takeaway, and I talk to Sarah behind the counter and tell her what I am attempting. Green salad with a week’s supply of lemon juice on the side is what we decide.

Other than the constant stomach gurgle, I am feeling fine. No obvious cravings but am acutely aware of my pre-cleanse instant gratification response to ever-ready, ever-available food. I am a little hungry but nothing unmanageable. I do find myself looking at food in a different way: portion size, potential sodium percentages, and quality all play before my critical eye. Most interestingly, I find I am looking at people differently. Their weight, the amount and what they put in their mouths, the way they eat: I am not just looking but staring. Perhaps this will be one of the major take-a-ways of this entire process: How fixated we are on food in this western world of ours and what if we had to live without or even less of our daily bread?

Water and Green Tea are now my best friends. They support me and get me through my detox day.

I arrive home and snack on almonds, carrots (generally a staple in my fridge along with celery sticks) and rice cakes, no gluten. A real treat is to toast them with a little almond butter. Somewhat sated, I start to prep dinner: Organic Chicken Breast sautéed in low sodium stock with Leeks, Shallots, and Peppers. In fact, the entire onion family is number one on the most recommended food column: 80% of your diet. I start with a big green salad with a lemon juice dressing prepped on Sunday afternoon. A salad is an everyday inclusion in my diet  (although admittedly less so since my husband passed away 7 months ago) so not terribly foreign to me.

And of course, round two, day two of six Herbal Pills and 30 drops of Herbal Tincture.

My gurgling trips to the bathroom continue until bedtime. My head is a little light and spinning but nothing uncomfortable. Craving some sweets but I remedy this with half a glass of apple juice.

Day three tomorrow. Detox well, my friends.


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