New Zealand

No Doubt about Doubtless Bay, New Zealand

John’s sister Ruth lived about 10 km

outside the town of Mangonui, which is just off Doubtless Bay. The story is that Captain Cook sailed by but did not enter Doubtless Bay, instead, uttering the words “doubtless, a bay”.

Ruth had a bucolic spread of about 10 acres – and kept Dusty, a horse, some chickens, a feral turkey that has adopted the family, and two beautiful cats. Dusty is a retired steeplechase horse, and is happy to come to the fence and nuzzle anyone who is willing to nuzzle him back. This is serious tourist territory, and you can see why – the scenery is spectacular, the weather perfect. The rumour is that Scott McNealy of the now defunct Sun Microsystems had fallen in love with this area, and purchased a big spread of land on which he is building a vacation home.

Indeed, there is NO doubt about the beauty of Doubltless Bay! In fact, sister-in-law Ruth returns to Doubtless Bay, some 12 years after leaving her life there. 8 weeks of high summer in New Zealand!

New Zealand
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New Zealand
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