Six Breweries and Distilleries You Have to Visit in Australia

If you’re an alcohol aficionado

and love to enjoy high-quality drinks in a beautiful ambiance, then this article will definitely get you thirsty for some beer or good spirits. Australia has a mixed-feeling relationship with spirits ever since colonizers blamed bad drinks for the failing health of their people. But today, both brewing and distilling are flourishing and producing some of the best bottles in the world. Here are the places you must visit for a good drink

Burleigh Brewing

The pioneer of Gold Coast craft brewing is the Burleigh brewery. It was founded in 2006 by a couple who got tired of the Queensland bland beer scene that lacked diversity and character. They decided to settle in a chill beach-town of Burleigh that likes a slow and laid-back way of life that matches their brewing approach. The result of this is craft beer that has balance, character, and soul—a real refreshment in a somewhat stale brewing scene of the Gold Coast at that time. Since their humble beginnings, Burleigh Brewing has been honored with many awards and recognition. If you just can’t get enough of their beer, you can book a beer tasting and a tour around their facility. This backstage view guided by the Brewmaster will satisfy all your wildest beer dreams.


Burleigh Brewing is the pioneer of Gold Coast craft brewing

Archie Rose Distillery

Archie Rose is the first independent distillery in Sydney, opened just five years ago. However, when you witness the elegant design of Archie’s drinks and the modern look of their distillery, there will be nothing that will remind you of their humble beginnings. Today, they produce amazing vodka and tailored gin, but they are best known for their fantastic whisky. Just recently opened for the public, Archie Rose now has a huge, sleek bar where you can get a taste of their high-end products. If you opt for a tour, you’ll get to see where and how they make their drinks and get a guided tasting of their spirits. They even organize classes on gin and whisky blending. You’ll get a chance to blend Archie Rose’s distillates to create your own, completely unique gin and whisky and take it home with you!


Witness the elegant design of Archie Rose’s drinks and the modern look of their distillery.

Mountain Goat Brewing

One day in 1997, two friends got sick of the bland Aussie lagers and decided that they wanted a better beer. And what did they do next? They started their own brewery! Today, they serve many different types of beer, from barrel aged beer and limited release beers, to single kegs of a new recipe they are still working on. They also serve dark beer and beer with different exotic flavors. So, pop in for a tour and a taste, and even grab some amazing pizza they make on the site!


Craft Beer for the People at Mountain Goat Brewing

Redlands Distillery

The Redland Estate was once Australia’s largest hop farm, but since 2013 it serves as a distillery, one of the most unique in the world. What makes this distillery so special? Well, they manage to complete all parts of their whisky production right in Redlands! Luckily, this historical establishment holds regular tours where you can hear all about the whisky making process and have a little taste of the goodies. Additionally, if you’re really serious about whisky, you can even sign up for a course that can teach you about distillation!

Murray’s Craft Brewing

The legend goes like this: Murray went to the US, tried craft beer in California and fell in love like never before. This experience inspired him to start making his own beer, so he could replicate US craft beer at home in Australia. Soon, he bought a little pub and started his beer production on site. Today, there’s up to 10 on tap at any time in their pub, not counting bottled specials! If you want to learn more about beer and the production process, Murray’s host a tour every day! Once you’re done, play a game of bocce in their backyard and of course, have some more beer.


There’s up to 10 on tap at any time at Murray’s Craft Brewing


Get a whisky education at New World Whisky Distillery

New World Whisky Distillery

This distillery just recently started showing interest in bringing people to their lab, but today, they are so committed to educating the public that they offer different tours, classes and tastings. They even added a bar for some sampling. You’ll get to taste so much more than their popular Starward Malt Whisky. There are beers brewed on site, gins of all kinds and even rare releases you can’t get anywhere else in the world. Who wants to try ginger beer cask whisky? Plus, you’ll get to learn about mashing in, fermentation, distillation and the ageing process of their single malt spirits.

If you feel a tremendous thirst for some single malt or some cold craft beer now, book a tour and quench your thirst in Australia’s best breweries and distilleries.


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