France in Two Days

Thursday, September 23rd, 2004: Calonge, Spain

We connect with our friend Rosemary in the US who will be joining us for 10 days during the next part of our trip. France will welcome us on Saturday the 25th of September, and we will be ensconced in the vineyards of St. Fréchoux for two weeks. Fall feels somehow to be too quickly in the air and we wonder if it is because of the cool and wet summer that most of Europe has experienced this year. We secretly pray to the gods of summer to ward off the demons of fall, to continue their warm carefree romp through Europe until at least November 2 when we fly to South America.

But we shall see.

Our days continue easy, quiet, and sunnier than earlier in the week. We have cooked in every evening this week and it has felt fantastic for us to prepare and serve food and drink to friends and family after not having had such a privilege since we spent our week with our friend, Neil, in London, 5 weeks ago. We have discovered that we tend to cook familiar, everyday comfort food that can be prepared en masse or individually. David and Kathryn are kitchen connoisseurs themselves, and with all this pent up cooking anxiety released, we have eaten very well this week in Calonge.

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