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Family Vacation: Activities Everyone Can Enjoy

Vacation should spell-out fun for the entire family.

This means some compromises will have to be made. This state of affairs forces most parents to bend-over-backward and concoct the perfect mixture of exciting activities and enjoyable time-outs meant to include all members of the family.

However, hard-working grownups should not forget about their own needs.

If you find coming up with an ideal vacation is an insurmountable issue, here are some family vacation ideas with activities all members can enjoy.

family vacation

Tokyo Disney Resort, Pixabay

Theme Parks

The crucial thing is to keep the vacation kid-friendly, so you and your significant other can have some breathing space of your own. Theme parks are fantastic examples of this. With wonderful activities for children all around, most of these large-scale projects have separate facilities where the grownups can let off some steam. This is all kept within the limits of reason, of course. Theme parks like Disneyland offer spas, golf courses, top-notch restaurants, and heavenly resorts.

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Hawaii Beach Resort, Pixabay

Beach Resorts

If you feel as if you are not spending enough time with your children, beach resorts can be a perfect alternative. With all the theme park attractions and distractions out of the way, you can focus on creating your family activities and re-bond with your kids, and make the most of it before you return to your time-consuming job. You will spend most of your time together in a picturesque environment with a few opportunities to hit the spa or a massage parlor here or there. In those few instances of private time with your significant other, there is always an option to have a romantic dinner in a candle-lit restaurant by the beach while your kids run wild on the sand nearby.

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Grand Turk Island, Pixabay


Cruising is probably the best option for an activity-filled vacation at this moment. Each of these ocean lining behemoths comes with a playground of activities fashioned explicitly for travelers of all generations. The upside is – you will efficiently spend the perfectly balanced amount of time between exciting boat-bound activities and productive sightseeing. Embarking on one of the fantastic cruises through old ports in the South Pacific can be a very educational and enriching experience for your children. Port cities will introduce them to a variety of cultures and vibrant histories which can spark further interests they can pursue.

This interesting educational angle goes without mentioning fun activities for numerous families, playing sports in specialized facilities, or spending hours-on-end in the arcades. These gigantic cruise ships are also the safest form of vacationing environment, so all family members can pursue their fields of interest without worrying about what other members of the family are up to.

family vacations

Photo by Markus Spiske, Pexels

National Parks

If you have hyperactive children that need a lot of physically exhausting activities, venturing into a national park for a week of vigorous vacationing will be the right outlet. You can set up a tent in a dedicated camping grounds and enjoy the communal spirit with other families, not unlike your own. This is a perfect chance to teach your children how to effectively camp – collecting firewood, orientation in the unknown environment and using tools to craft the items that might be necessary to survive in the wild.

This sort of vacation filled with goal-oriented activities is bound to keep your kids occupied. Just make sure you have the necessary medical kit ready and that the national park has a responsive emergency team in the case something happens. Proximity to civilization should be part of your calculations. You can always visit an iconic location like Yellowstone, enjoy the sight of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Shenandoah National Park, Trek across the Alps in Naturpark Karwendel between Germany and Austria, or travel across the world to marvel at the national parks of Tasmania.

No matter what sort of a family vacation you chose, do not forget to leave some wiggle room here and there, an overstuffed schedule will leave you more exhausted than if you’ve worked double shifts throughout the entire vacation. Also, be prepared for unpredictable situations. Children tend to get into trouble when they are overly excited, and embarking on an unknown adventure is undoubtedly going to keep them at the edge of their seats. The trick is to stay calm and make the best of it.

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