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As a travel writer and blogger,

I am often asked to provide instant coverage and communication to both my followsummer followers and to the potential future buying customers of the local DMO I have been hired by. Usually, their particular needs and wants are laid out in the contract we all agree to: six to eight posts a day covering the wine tasting, the trip to the museum or the organic gastropub I am experiencing and sharing. And usually two to three content heavy pieces upon return focusing on the most personal experience of the city or location I am covering. It honestly (at this great age!) gets rather difficult to make notes or miraculously remember everything you are experiencing on an hourly or minute by minute basis.  My Webspot’s wireless internet on the go makes my life as a travel blogger stress-free; allowing me to focus on my job at hand, providing you with live, in the moment travel experiences!

Wireless internet on the go? Yes, please!

Followsummer is currently working with My Webspot again on the #FestiveFrance bloggers challenge: think of a French Christmas Amazing Race: six Canadian bloggers, three destinations, four days of experiencing Christmas as only the French can! We are in the French Alpes and enjoying the wonderful hospitality of Evian-les-Bains. And last year we partnered on two assignments in the UK and Europe where My Webspot sponsored the portable wifi and wireless internet that I have so come to love. I covered five days of food, wine and touring the Alsace region of France and two weeks of discovering some fine food choices in Great Britain. All the while my trusty and available My Webspot pocket wifi tagged along and provided me with an at the ready and immediate mobile wifi hotspot. This allowed me the luxury of personal wireless internet access to Instagram live images including full detail on the name and location of the wine I was sipping; tweet out relevant information and images while instantly engaging our followsummer followers with fresh, new content.  I particularly enjoyed the immediacy of Periscoping my followsummer adventures, encouraging our audience to ask questions of the chef we are cooking with or the history of the manor house we are staying in or the caretaker of the grave of William Shakespeare in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Make sure you check out My Webspot, wireless internet on the go! A travel blogger’s dream tool. And yours too!

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