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FSTravels NEWS 2.10.2018

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is coming to you on a very snowy and grey February Detroit day. We are here doing a little homework for a three-day, early spring adventure that we are putting together. Detroit is a city brimming with possibility.  And still with problems. These two perspectives are at the heart of an ongoing debate by the citizens of Detroit, some three years after it has emerged from bankruptcy. When was the last time you visited? While you ponder that question, catch up on all the recent travel news!

Google Is One Step Closer to Its User-Centric Vision of Travel Booking

Google is putting it all together: In the coming weeks, Google will knit together some of its travel services via design changes. The Alphabet Inc.-owned company’s search-advertising business continues to drive a majority of its revenues a couple of decades after its founding. But developing its own travel products, which are still advertising-driven, is adding a twist.


The State of Post-Hurricane Caribbean Hotels

Tourism officials in several Caribbean destinations are celebrating 2017 as an especially strong year for visitor arrivals. However, hoteliers in the region likely view last year from a more muddled perspective based on data issued Tuesday by travel industry research firm STR.


Trivago Forecasts Slower Growth and ‘Difficult’ Quarters in 2018

The worst volatility is behind it. That’s the spin executives at Trivago put on their hotel search company’s fortunes during fourth-quarter earnings call on Wednesday. In the second half of 2017, Priceline Group experimented with significantly reduced spending on Trivago as a marketing channel. That dented the revenues of the company.



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