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followsummer Travel News for August 5, 2016. Heading to Rio for the opening of the summer games?

 Florida Zika Advisory Could Last A Year

The historic travel advisory the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued for a neighborhood north of downtown Miami this week could remain in place for as long as a year, CDC director Tom Frieden told theWashington Post.

There’s no timetable on when the advisory discouraging pregnant women and their partners from traveling to Wynwood will be lifted, considering new cases could emerge in the coming months. However, local officials are comparing the recent Zika virus circulation in South Florida to an outbreak of dengue fever that occurred in the Florida Keys several years back.

“When dengue hit Florida a few years ago, it took over a year to control that outbreak,” Frieden told the Post. “We certainly hope that doesn’t happen.”

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Adobe’s Mobile Travel Report: Which Travel Brands Have it Right?

It’s time once again to talk about those tiny gadgets that continue to power and shape the travel industry.

Adobe unveiled its Mobile Travel Report, results of which can be found over at

The report offered some intriguing aspects of a market that will at some point have to do a better job of catering to a consumer that is by far more inclined to browse travel’s possibilities on mobile devices as opposed to the desktop model.

For example, the study, which takes into account “over 15 billion visits to major U.S. Travel, airline and hotel websites between 2014 and 2016,” found that the tide turned at the end of last year when browsing percentages went to mobile over desktop.

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Rejoice, Olympic Tourists, Pokemon Go Is Brazil Bound

World-class athletes, excited tourists, and adorable Pokémon have now made their way to Brazil just in time for the Summer Olympics.

While the human contingent will have to contend with large crowds and rather nefarious microscopic bugs, those Pokémon will have to wade through Rio de Janeiro with the knowledge they are about to be swept up from a nearby Pokéball.

That’s right, one of the most popular games ever crafted is heading to Brazil just as the country’s famed metropolis is set to open the 2016 Summer Games.

CNN Money reports the game produced by Niantic that has people walking around town catching fictional monsters will now touch down in Central and South America.

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US Basketball Teams Opt for Luxury Cruise Ship Over Olympic Village

The American men’s and women’s basketball stars will be living a life of luxury during this month’s 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

While many American athletes will be staying at the oft-criticized Olympic Village this summer, America’s best ballers will be laying their heads inside of Silversea Cruises’ Silver Cloud cruise ship.

The Chicago Tribune reported the players arrived on the 296-guest ship Wednesday.

The Silver Cloud, which is the oldest ship in Silversea’s main fleet, is anchored at Rio’s Pier Maua in the Guanabara Bay.

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Rio Olympics 2016: How LATAM Is Going For Gold

In addition to being a top sponsor for the 2016 Rio Olympics, LATAM Airlines announced that they are stepping up their own game in a big way.

The South American-based airline has rolled out over 100 major operations initiatives around the games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and at the Galeão and Santos Dumont International Airports. The hope is to ensure efficient, safe and on-time operations throughout the Olympics and Paralympics which are overrun with a massive influx of passengers.

LATAM estimates around 25 percent of people traveling to Brazil for the games will do so on their airline. Because of that jump, LATAM has invested $20 million in their Olympic preparation, including reserving $5 million for contingencies that may pop up.

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Foot Traffic at U.S. Trump-Branded Properties Drops Dramatically Says Foursquare

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s poll numbers may go up and down but one thing that’s more certain is foot traffic to U.S. Trump-branded properties is down — by double-digit percentages — according to Foursquare data.

At Trump-branded properties (or properties that license and use the Trump name that Donald Trump does not actually own), the share of foot traffic has been down by an average of 16 percent year-over-year since March. Foot traffic shares has been down an average of 7.4 percent overall since Donald Trump announced his U.S. presidential campaign in June 2015, according to Foursquare.

Share of foot traffic was down by 14 percent last month compared to July 2015.

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