Spa Scandinave: Indulge in Spa-ahhh.

My last visit

to Mont Tremblant’s Spa Scandinave was in a mid-winter March, a glorious late winter sun, setting over a rushing Rivière Diable, her banks crusted with breaking sheets of ice. There was still snow on the ground, and the Spa’s smoky out-doors fire place became my favourite post-hot and cold waters resting spot. So zen in fact, at one point I shed a private tear at how wonderful this experience was.

Spa Scandinave

Winter at the Spa Scandinave

During the winter, the Spa caters to Tremblant’s active skiers and the resort’s professional circuit, providing soothing Nordic waters, and a rejuvenating hot and cold Scandinavian Bath and deep tissue massages to ease weary skiers bones. At least those were my bones, not being up on skis for over 25 years!

A Return to Spa Scandinave

My recent return to Spa Scandinave was in high summer, although the day we arrived proved to be a typical Laurentian summer day: cool and rainy. Cyclists, rock climbers, hikers returning from the rugged eight hour Via Ferrata du Diable in nearby Parc National du Mount-Tremblant, boozy partiers nursing hangovers from Tremblant’s big International Bluesfest, or weary participants in the Resort’s IronMan competition; all seeking some quiet respite and warm water rejuvenation for both body and soul. To quote Angelique Papadopoulos, Spa Scandinave’s Director of Marketing, ‘It may seem obvious, but when on vacation, always take the time to relax. I mean really RELAX. That’s no wi-fi, no phones, devices or digital distractions…an escape from the digital world; just for a few hours.” We couldn’t agree more. 

image courtesy of Spa Scandinave

The little things stand out: refreshing choices of lemon and chlorophyll waters greet you at check in, friendly and engaging staff serving bites of fresh fruit, juicy pineapple on our summer visit, overflowing baskets of apples and warming tea stations to keep you hydrated. If you are hungry, their bistro offers fresh seasonal potages, unique and tasty sandwiches, organic juices and salads. Make sure you book a personal massage with your visit and indulge in a selection of Swedish deep tissue, therapeutic or prenatal. 


Last year, Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant added an additional 10,000 square feet of spa-ahhh, including a large open fire pit, new hot and cold waterfalls and pools, a large infinity hot tub and more zen-inducing cozy, resting spots. With outdoor facilities at Whistler, BC, Blue Mountain, Ontario and Tremblant’s original property, Spa Scandinave also engages tired and achy city dwellers with their indoor facility at Old Montreal’s Vieux Port.

No reason not to immerse yourself completely and indulge in some Spa-ahh.


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