Still Waiting for Lufthansa

The alarm goes at 9:45 – the service technician is arriving at 10 to fix the blinds. I feel better than I should considering how late we danced the night away.

Greg is first for waiting today, so he waits, while I go buy more emergency supplies; every day we’ve been without our luggage (this is day 4) the list of what we consider an emergency supply gets longer. By now we have the Lufthansa luggage numbers memorized, and the dialing is constant. Needless to say, the number is either busy or unanswered. It amazes me that they can be on the phone at 1 moment, not on the phone the next, but not be anywhere near the phone when they’re not on it.

Happy Days!

Sometime shortly after 3, I head downstairs to pick up yet more emergency supplies, the list having grown since this morning. Standing at the gate is a perplexed man – on the weekend there is no security in the building and a gate is put up that prevents anyone from actually being able to ring the buzzer. He asks in Spanish if he can ring the bell, but before he can get there, I’ve recognized that the papers he is holding are Lufthansa lost luggage tags. I ask in broken Spanish if he has 3 pieces, and he says “si”. Happy days!!!! Finally, we can really start exploring Buenos Aires by day. Except that we are so tired today that we have a very quiet afternoon, an early supper, and are asleep by the time everyone else here is starting to think of going out for dinner.

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