Bariloche, Argentina: A Mini Switzerland


In true Buenos Aires fashion,

our “welcome to Buenos Aires” revelries last night continued into the wee hours, and we are dragging as we head to the airport for our flight to Bariloche. The flight itself is quiet and gives us the opportunity to nap. Strangely enough, despite the reasonable hour of this flight, it is the only domestic flight we’ve been on in Argentina that hasn’t been completely full.

We arrive in Bariloche to find a true ski town, perched on the side of Lago Nahuel Huapi. This region is called the Lake District, and Lago Nahuel Huapi is the largest of the 7 major lakes that give it its name. Bariloche has been described to us as a mini-Switzerland, and indeed it could be; it can’t be Whistler, as it is missing the miles and miles of condos.

We find an English-speaking tour company, book tours for the next 3 days, and make a dinner reservation for tonight at a restaurant Dee has read about, La Marmite. As with many of the other restaurants whose menus we’ve checked while walking around, fondue seems to be its specialty.

Continuing to get caught up, both with Dee & Mark and with sleep, consumes the rest of the afternoon and early evening. Dinner at La Marmite is excellent, although the only fondue ordered at our table is chocolate, and it is served with local strawberries. What could be better?

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