The Best Places to Golf in New South Wales

New South Wales is not only a beautiful place to visit, but it is also a thriving scene for many aspiring golfers.

As Australia moves into fall and North America changes to a COVID spring, there is still plenty of time to up your game no matter where you play it.

But with so many places to go and enjoy your favorite sport, it can be hard to sieve through them and find the ones that are truly worth your investment. So, let’s see what are the best golf clubs you should check out during your next visit to New South Wales.


If you’ve never heard of Ellerston, don’t be surprised. This golf course was built for Kerry Packer, and it is to this day private, enjoyed only by the Packer family and a selected few. However, because of its amazing standing on the world’s best courses list, it deserves a mention. The course was designed to make players really think through their moves and  play their best game. The course might be exclusive, but according to all reports, it is one of the most beautiful and unique custom-made courses in all of Australia.

Royal Sydney

This gem is not only a golf course but a center for many sports enthusiasts since it has tennis courts, croquet lawns and bowling greens on sight. It is truly a great place to go and spend some relaxing time on a golf course that has hosted the Australian Open many times. It is not the easiest of courses, but everyone is welcome and you are sure to have a good time during your stay.

Golfing in NSW!

Long Reef: one of the best courses in Sydney

Long Reef

One of the best golf courses in Sydney, the Long Reef stuns with its beachside location and natural beauty.

The amazing Par 72 layout is a challenge for any golfer, but most certainly an enjoyable one.

If you are looking to do more than just golf, it is ideal for that as well, as you can enjoy a wonderful lunch overlooking the sea, or even organize an important event, since it’s a perfect venue for special occasions, celebrations, and meetings.

The Vintage

Staying true to its name, this course has used what nature has always given us, incorporating wetlands, creeks, and ravines. This American run course is open to everyone, but you should call in advance to talk about the details before you make the two-hour drive from Sydney. Different parts of the course play drastically different to each other, so there is something for everyone to show their strengths and test their skills.

THE BEST Golfing in NSW!

The NSW Golf Course is tough and trying

New South Wales

The fourth best golf course in all of Australia, the NSW Golf Course is as tough and trying as it is beautiful. Don’t let the frustration get to you, especially on a windy day, because there is nowhere to hide and you will have to aim your shots perfectly with many calculations being done in advance. It has been a host for a couple of tournaments, but the pros consider themselves lucky they don’t have to play the course too often because of its notorious difficulty.

The Australian

This list can simply not be complete without the mention of the oldest golf course in Australia. It is the birthplace of the Australian Open, and in spite of being the oldest course, it has been remodeled into a course with some of the best conditions in the country. It’s partially exclusive, but if you do manage to get onto the course, you will find yourself in the middle of history, with stories of great hits around every hole.


Pack the clubs and start your tour!

So, if you are looking for the perfect place to spend a relaxing weekend at, or you just want to find your new go-to golfing spot, one of these NSW courses might be just what you were looking for. There is something in there for everyone, and you won’t know until you’ve tried them all. Pack the clubs and start your tour, going around the best courses in New South Wales, until you find the perfect match.

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