Best Diving Spots in Australia

If you’re a fan of the underwater world

and are looking for your next diving destination, look no further than Australia! Oz is a home to some of the most beautiful diving sites with a diverse marine flora and fauna that will leave every brave diver in awe. So, once you embark on your Aussie diving adventure, here are the spots you simply must visit!

best diving in australia

Heart Reef, Great Barrier Reef

Scuba Diving the Great Barrier Reef

Of course, the Great Barrier Reef takes the number one spot on this list. It’s the main star of diving in Australia with its 2,300-kilometer stretch of islands and reefs with thousands of diving sites. The best places to start your Great Barrier Reef diving adventure are probably Cairns and Port Douglas from which you can access the best parts of the reef. Also, make sure to visit Heron Island that has many amazing sites with tropical fish and colorful corals. You can even swim with Manta rays at Lady Elliot Island—that experience is an absolute must. Basically, every resort around the Great Barrier Reef offers excursions and guided diving tours, so all you have to do is take your pick and dive in!

SS Yongala and Tangalooma Wrecks

Sure, Queensland’s coast is known for the Great Barrier Reef, but that’s not all it has to offer! Head to Townsville and go on an exciting Yongala wreck site dive. This seam ship sunk during a cyclone all the way back in 1911, but the wreck is still in amazing condition and a sight to see! As long as you have some good scuba diving gear, you’ll be able to explore this historical underwater site with safety and comfort. Plus, you’ll feel and look like a real treasure hunter! Another great shipwreck dive you can check out is located just off the shore of Moreton Island. Tangalooma wrecks are a chain of ships that were sunk on purpose in 1963 to create a safe landing area for boats. Book your tour and have fun diving amongst the wrecks—it’s truly a unique experience.

best diving in australia

Ningaloo Reef, photo by dearanxiety

Ningaloo Reef

If you’re visiting Western Australia, don’t miss a chance to dive at Ningaloo Reef! It’s the second largest reef in Australia and it sits just a short distance off the coast of WA. One super interesting thing this reef offers is an opportunity to run into giant whale sharks that rule this area between March and August. So, if you’re interested in swimming alongside these colossi, Ningaloo Reef should be your next diving destination!

Port Lincoln

If you’re a true daredevil and wish to spice up your relaxing diving trip with some adrenaline, head to Port Lincoln for a cage diving experience. This is the only place in Australia where you can dive with great white sharks and see these apex predators up close! This unique experience will stay with you forever and you’ll have a lot of interesting stories to tell your diving buddies, especially if you come back with exclusive GoPro footage.

best diving spots in australia

London bridge in Portsea, photo by Mr Keef

Piers of Victoria

There are several piers in Victoria that offer amazing diving experiences, with Portsea being one of the best. Visit Mornington Peninsula and head down to the Portsea jetty for some underwater fun! It’s very easy to access from the shore or even from the ladders along the pier and once you dive in, expect to see plenty of seadragons and seahorses! Aside from Portsea, you can also visit Blairgowrie Pier, Flanders Pier and Rye Prier, just to name a few.

Darwin Harbour

If you’re starting your Aussie diving adventure from the Northern Territory, make sure to visit Darwin Harbour for some of the best shipwreck diving in Oz. There are over 90 shipwrecks scattered all over the area, many of which fell victim to the WWII Darwin bombing. Diving in Darwin isn’t the easiest because of the tides and water clarity variations, but once you get the chance to go down, you’ll be mind-blown!

best diving in australia

Bicheno, photo by sbittinger


Don’t forget about Tasmania! If you ever visit Oz’s island state, go to Bicheno for a cool little diving trip. The visibility might not be perfect, but the water is rich with plankton which means plenty of underwater life. Make sure to explore Paradise Reef and Magic Gardens while you’re there!

From the Great Barrier Reef to various shipwrecks, Australia really has it all. So, once you get tired of basking at the golden beaches, dive in the beautiful ocean and enjoy the underwater world of Australia!


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