Vienna: A Return Visit is in Order

Unfortunately, Vienna gets the short end of the stick on this trip,

welcoming us at the end of our whirlwind tour of northern Europe. Fairytale castles and cobblestone walkways have all had their toll on us and both John and I quietly realize how strangely uninterested we are in exploring this city. As we leave this morning to visit the city, we discover that we are both more than anxious to find some warmth on the beaches of Croatia.

We Will Return to Vienna

Today is a beautiful high summer day. The hot sun doesn’t encourage us as we literally drag ourselves around the city. We are already talking about coming back to Vienna to view its treasures with clear and refreshed eyes. We arrive at the Museum quarter and this furthers our resolve. This is a district that would put some of the great museum cities to shame. Beautiful buildings clustered together with a wealth of viewing potential. Classic architecture holding some of the best works of art in Europe. We wander through the quarter, not inspired enough to actually visit any of the museums today, and pause at an internet café for some coffee and a quick update. We have not found any internet cafés that will allow us to plug our laptop in and so while email has not been an issue, updating followsummer certainly has. We have no idea about internet availability in Croatia so our journal may have to wait a week or so to be updated. Our anxious fans of may have to wait.

Day Two: Exploring Darling Harbour.
Provence Beckons!
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