Great Vacation Buddies

Tuesday, September 21st, 2004: Calonge, Spain

Our days are filled with doing nothing. It is unusually overcast today but that doesn’t stop us from diving into our books or reading the papers. Our usual perch is the tiled balcony that lies through the French doors just off the living room. Breakfasts of fresh fruit, yogurt, cereal and toast are enjoyed here in the typical sunny morning light and usually one of us lazes the day away seated here with a book and our new friend, a local stray cat, who is content with whatever we feed him/her, enjoying the snoozing shade. The pool is about 10 big steps down the hill and we divide our time between the shimmering blue waters and the patio.

This patio also serves as our sunset spot for cocktails before dinner. These nights we start to feel the ever so slight fall chill in the air and sometimes we don sweaters and long pants to warm us before the second glass of wine does.

Our neighbours are an international lot. A French family is across and just down a bit; a Belgium couple beside us; and a British couple across the road and above who appear to have high powered jobs: they both spend time on their balcony, negotiating on their mobile phones.

We are an easy group to get along with. Everyone assumes unasked rolls and everything gets done. No fuss, no bother. Great vacation buddies, our Kathryn and David.

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