Barcelona: Just Beyond Our Reach

Despite the miles we have walked,

we feel like Barcelona is just beyond reach. We decide to take a bus tour of the city to see the places we haven’t seen. 5 hours later, all spent on the 2nd level of a double-decker bus, we think we have this city figured out. It is a beautiful, gentle city. Every intersection is a diamond-shaped plaza, as the buildings on each corner are 5 sided, missing their 4th corner but giving the city the most wonderful feeling. We discover that many of these plazas are full of outdoor cafés, and we are enchanted.

An Unexpected Lovely Dinner

Dinner tonight is at a wonderful wine bar we find without expecting it. We are again amazed at the quality: price equation here in Spain. We have a wonderful bottle of vino tinto, a Rioja, for 10 Euros, the price of a litre of vino della casa in Italy. Sitting directly across from us are two guys from Colorado, Steve and John, who just finished a 10-day cruise from Venice to Barcelona; coincidentally we had met some guys from the same cruise as it departed from Venice when we were there. We start comparing notes about our various experiences, before heading off for a beer before we say goodnight.

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Lunching on a Spanish Terrace
Just Hours in and We Love Barcelona Already
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