Has Summer Finally Arrived in Oslo?

Another beautiful day – has summer really arrived in Oslo?

We head to the Oslo Domkirke, the Cathedral that stands at one end of Karl Johans gate, the main street of Oslo. It is a beautiful church! We stand for ages examining the carved scene behind the altar – three views, one above the other, carved in realistic detail and almost life-size below is the Last Supper; in the middle is the Crucifixion; and above, the Resurrection.

Summer Walking

We walk along Karl Johans gate and stop to admire the Stortinget, Norway’s Parliament. Not separated from the street, but part of it, we are surprised by the surprising lack of apparent security. From the Stortinget, we continue along Karl Johans gate to the Akershus Slott, the royal palace, which bookends, with the Domkirke, this beautiful street. We can walk right up to the palace, and through its grounds – again surprised at the lack of apparent security, and surprised that there is no outdoor space for the Royal Family that is shielded from view. We walk through the gardens behind the palace, into the beautiful residential and embassy area. Then back through side streets into the centre, just enjoying the day.

After lunch, we head back to the Fortress area, where we climb to the top of the ramparts, and with the view of Oslo below us, we lie on the grass and enjoy a perfect summer afternoon.

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