The Guilt Associated with Doing Nothing

John and I have already discussed

the Greek guilt associated with doing nothing except staying in bed, reading a book or writing in our journals. Even when you are in a place that is extremely beautiful, albeit cool and rainy, you have to fight the feeling that you must be doing something to enjoy the mystery and allure that is your destination of choice. Missing the beach, not grabbing some sun or lounging by the pool (if they were filled!), all are things that have to be managed on a daily basis.

And so it is with these feelings that we awake, put on our woolies and rain jackets and greet the Greek day. No chance of sun today through the thick cloud cover. The rain is persistent and consistent. We head into town and seek out an internet station to respond to email and update the site. We are starting to organize family and friends time while we are home for the first two weeks of June. It is already looking to be a logistical nightmare. Lunch is a Gyros and Greek salad, sitting bundled-up at one of the local Mom and Pop fast food places that abound. The afternoon is spent in bed, listening to music, napping, reading and watching the photos our laptop screen saver randomly chooses for us to reminisce over. Our time-ignorant Greek rooster occasionally reminds us that it is time to get up.

Some World News

BBC World and CNN tell us that 3 small bombs have gone off early this morning in Athens exactly 100 days before the start of the Olympics. We feel for the Greek people with an already over-stretched and late schedule of building and infrastructure to clean up. They now have additional security issues to deal with.

There is no talk of the morning’s events in the bars and tavernas as we head out for dinner.

It appears Mykonos is focused on the approaching warm weather and anticipated tourist dollar.

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