A Day of Ghosts

We plan a quiet day of internet updating and beach.

We wake up and have a wonderful breakfast at the hotel – all fresh fruit, fresh squeezed juice, and coffee made in an automatic machine. We head to the internet café we found yesterday. The internet is frustratingly slow – it takes 2 hours to upload 2 days of our journal, and we can’t download all of our email.

Halfway through our internet session, Greg looks at the wall beside me and gasps and points – there is a picture of our friends Alan Cornwall, who went to law school with me, and his partner Paul Meagher. Ghosts!

Paul died in 1993, and Alan died in 1995 – we can’t imagine when these pictures were taken. I have a dim recollection of them coming to Thailand, but couldn’t begin to pin it down. But there they are, laughing, happy, alive. We shiver – half way around the world and many years later, the last people we expected to see are Alan and Paul.

The rest of the day is spent thinking and talking of times gone by, laughs that we shared, and losses we have suffered.

It is a day of ghosts.

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  • followsummergreg

    From the followsummer web site: Thursday, March 13th, 2008 @ 21:10:43
    Wayne – email
    It’s taken 13 years but on a whim I decided to see what would happen if I Googled Paul and Alan. Seeing that friends had discovered their photo oversees, I knew it was likely to be Greg and John.How perfect it is to see Paul and Alan to come into the present again so unexpectedly. I know that it has been 4 years since this posting but I was glad to see it and I hope the both of you are well.

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