Isn’t This What Travel and Discovery is All About?

Bye Bye Bangkok and Thailand

We have seen many different and wonderful things here, and both marvel at and question the relaxed views on sex in Thailand. We would comment daily on the number of young men and women on the arms of older Western men, saying goodbye in the morning at all of the hotels we have stayed at, and would wonder what kind of life these young people lead and aspire to.

Begging seems almost non-existent in Thailand but we have seen a little here in Bangkok. It is done with a quiet, almost prayerful reverence that is truly Thai: Hands clasped in the traditional Thai “wai” greeting followed by a gentle bow of the head. No aggressive harassment here; that is saved for the sex touts, go-go show promoters and Tuk Tuk drivers.

Thailand is promoted as the land of smiles – this is completely true. We are always greeted with a smiling “sa-wa-dee-krup” and graceful wai. Thailand has been interesting but next time we will approach the country completely differently. Perhaps spend more time in the south, on remote islands or on a 4-5 day live-aboard dive ship. We definitely would not come back during Songkran, and to judge from comments we have overheard in restaurants and our hotel lobby, neither would most other Westerners. That is to say that we wouldn’t recommend it. One, maybe two, days, max.

But isn’t this what discovery and travel is all about?

Best of Thailand:

Restaurant: The Whole Earth, Chiang Mai; Ban Klang Nam, Bangkok; but pretty well anywhere in Thailand is going to serve wonderful food.
Best Buy: CD’s: 4 for $12.00 CDN. Also anything bargained for in the Patpong Night Markets.
If you can buy: Thai Silk at Jim Thompson or from a reputable Mom & Pop shop. Beautiful!
Best Bar: Babylon: total experience, good food, good show, nice pool, great environment.
Runner Up: Tawan Bar: Ask us when you see us.
Books we have read: The Pleasure of My Company, Steve Martin; The Page Turner, David Leavitt; Dirt Music, Tim Winton.

We say “krop-koon-krup” to all the Thais who have made the last two weeks so interesting. Especially the staff at our hotels Tarntawan Place in Bangkok and Club Bamboo in Patong, Phuket.

And now onto India!

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