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Travel Budget: Bloggers’ Best Tips for Saving Money While Traveling

With a few small, creative and fun steps like ‘ynab’ or ‘you need a budget’ can assist in creating a budget spreadsheet so you can explore the world.

Panning your dream vacation

without spending a fortune might seem like a difficult task. Still, it is undeniably achievable, as proven by the top travel bloggers in the world – people who not only travel non-stop but also make a living from it from their travel websites. And with a few small, creative and fun steps, ‘ynab’: ‘you need a budget’ and create a budget spreadsheet so you can explore the world, even with a tight vacation budget. Here are some tips for saving money while travelling from people who always do it.

budget travel

airplane tickets and attractions are more affordable during the off-season. image source

Travel During the Offseason

Almost every destination in the world has an offseason or a period of the year when there is much less tourism than usual, whether due to general vacation dates or the weather conditions in a specific location. If possible, try booking your trip during the period when fewer people are going to travel to your chosen destination. Not only will you be able to avoid large crowds and enjoy your travel experience even more, but the accommodation, airplane tickets and attractions will all be much more affordable during the offseason.

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try flying during workdays  image source

As flights tend to be one of the most expensive parts of any vacation, especially when you are travelling overseas, it might be a good idea to be a bit more flexible with your travel arrangements. Unless you are confined by a tight schedule, try flying during workdays, instead of the weekend, opt for red-eye flights whenever possible, and choose longer layovers to save some money on airfare. If you have the opportunity, check the dates of your vacation, and see if the price would go down when you tweak your travel dates by a couple of days.

budget travel

use your credit cards!  image source

Make Use of Your Credit Cards

It’s a well-known fact that certain rewards cards and travel credit cards allow you to collect points and miles, ultimately providing you with an opportunity to get more affordable flight deals or even fly for free. But many companies tend to go the extra mile, as you can easily find helpful benefits such as a great credit card promotion, free luggage that will allow you to check your luggage at the airport for free, or even reward you with a handy travel bag. Make sure you travel often enough to take full advantage of your credit card benefits and rewards.

budget travel

consider booking a hostel  image source

Look for Affordable Accommodation

Another thing that can take up a sizable portion of your budget during travel is accommodation, which is why avoiding the most popular yet most expensive options, such as high-end hotels and luxury resorts, is recommended. Instead, a better option would be to book a hostel that offers all the necessary amenities and the opportunity to interact with other travellers, as long as you don’t mind sharing a room with other guests. Renting rooms and apartments through websites like Airbnb or Couchsurfing are also great, more affordable options, which give you more comfort and privacy for the fraction of the price of a hotel stay.

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shop at local grocery stores and farmer’s markets  image source

Make at Least One Meal a Day

One of the easiest ways to save money while on the road is to shop at local grocery stores and farmer’s markets and then prepare at least one meal a day in the kitchen in your accommodation, if available. When you need to eat out, try making lunch your biggest meal of the day, as restaurants offer specials at a more affordable price during this time of day. For dinner, visit night markets, food stalls and other cheaper alternatives to save money while getting a taste of the local cuisine.

budget travel

always look for free attractions!   image source

Look for Free Attractions

If you do some research before you depart, you’ll see lots of free attractions and opportunities available at your chosen destination. You can visit a beautiful park, hit the local beach or go on a wonderful hike through nature. In many cities, free walking tours and pub crawls will allow you to explore the area more uniquely. You might even stumble upon a few museums and national galleries that offer free or significantly discounted entrance on certain days of the week.

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City Passes for the win!  image source

Try City Tourism Cards

If you’re travelling to Europe, it’s important to note that many large cities offer city cards that give you access to free public transportation, free entry to top tourist attractions, and even discounts on certain shops and restaurants. Depending on your schedule and the attractions you plan on visiting, city cards can save money while still getting the full tourist experience. North America offers the popular CityPASS for top cities like New York, Boston or Toronto and well worth the investment.

If you want to see the world without spending a fortune, all you need to do is a plan and prepare your trip in advance and carefully explore all of your options, and these incredible money-saving tips will take you very far.

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  • Ryan K Biddulph

    Smart tips here Marie. Amazing how many free attractions you can enjoy. We are loving walks around Brooklyn, NYC now. Free, fun and fascinating!


    • Marie Nieves

      Hi Ryan, thank you for the comment. I suppose it’s crucial to do your research before starting the trip and to make a plan what actually you can see during your stay. 🙂

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