St. Maarten

First Day: Scuba Diving in Saba

A leisurely morning.

Dives 2 and 3 of the trip, and after yesterday’s diving I am feeling much more confident about hitting the water. I am wearing Greg’s mask as we have concluded, after 3 very waterlogged dives, that mine has bitten the biscuit. And there is a happy ending – no face full of water today.

The camaraderie on the boat is great – due, I am sure, to the fact that half the people on the boat, are Canadians including Fred and Kelly, husband and wife divemasters from Ottawa (who lived in BVI for 2 years, and just relocated to Saba). Boat time is minimal, however – to a depth of 200 feet the entire coast of Saba is a national marine park, and so there is wonderful diving just outside the port. And that is the leeward side of the island, so less choppy than other parts.

The diving is lovely – although still a bit murky, they are clearer than Sunday afternoon’s was. The coral gardens are just incredible and the fish, although not plentiful, is friendlier than I have ever experienced. Somehow, on some level, they know that they are in a protected space and do not need to worry about being hunted and fried for dinner.

We see some great things – a spotted eel, lots of turtles, barracuda, and lots of beautiful fish!

And I enjoy it thoroughly.


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